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Jeffery J. Manley, a cartoonist since birth, is best known for his work on the award nominated webcomic Punching the Clock. But, there is so much more to his career than that. From original Graphic Novels to collections of art, you can find something for everyone. He has many books available for purchase on Amazon (feel free to search them out and buy them all). Get your mom his collection of Manley Days, a daily journal comic about his ever growing family. Get your son his Graphic Novel Gone or the collection of the superhero webcomic, the team. Does your daughter like to color? Would she like to color one of Manley's artbooks filled with his version of Pop Culture Icons? Buy your husband a copy of Fail, a book that collects the most recent failed ideas from the mind of a “great” cartoonist.
Jeff does many public appearances and is always looking to do He lives in northern Michigan.

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