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Jenna Busch (spelled like the beer, not the president) is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Legion of Leia and has hosted and written for sites like Nerdist, Huffington Post and more. She co-hosted "Cocktails With Stan" with the legendary Stan Lee and has appeared on "Attack of the Show", "Fresh Ink", "Tabletop with Wil Wheaton", in the documentary "She Makes Comics", on NPR and Al Jazeera America, and has covered film/TV/gaming/comics for years. She's currently a co-host on "Most Craved". She's been published in the comics anthology Womanthology, is a chapter author for Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind, Game of Thrones Psychology, Captain America vs. Iron Man Psychology, Star Trek Psychology and Doctor Who Psychology. She owns a terrifying amount of swords and 20-sided dice and enough books to build a reasonably-sized fort.
A New York transplant living in Los Angeles, Jenna has been on many sides of the entertainment industry: makeup artist (don't stand too close, or she'll glue something to you), actor (stopped because she felt that replacing body parts with silicone was the first step towards becoming a cylon), and finally writing, which allows her to work in her pajamas.

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5, 4, 6, R1=8, 7, 3, 1, 2 (ROTS 112)

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5 hours, 21 minutes, 1 seconds
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29 minutes, 11 seconds
Longest Episode
Last Jedi Minute 27: The Case of the Rattling Water Bottle (34 minutes, 36 seconds)
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Revenge of the Sith Minute 115: Yolanda's Jacket (21 minutes, 4 seconds)

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