Last Jedi Minute 24: Trees

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March 4th, 2021


Our first look at the sacred Jedi texts required we book Chris Radtke as our guest commentator!


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Luke being surprised to see Rey being called by the Force, and ends with Rey saying she knows this place.
  • First appearance of the Temple Island Magic Tree.
  • First books to appear in the Star Wars movies.


  • People in movies always seem to react with terror when they hear vaguely sinister whispers (as opposed to just plain curiosity).
  • The tree itself is the first Jedi Temple.
    • Mentioned: Barada is Detente. Referenced: Ric Olié
    • It is a Uneti tree
      • Chirrut Îmwe's staff is also made of Uneti tree wood.
      • Uneti®, the official tree of the Jedi Order™.
    • The role of trees in different pop culture properties
    • The Jedi on Coruscant being so far removed from their roots.
  • Luke asks Rey "Who are you?" This is the central idea of her character in Johnson's vision; who she is doesn't matter, it's not all about bloodlines. But then J. J. walked back on that.
  • Considering they must be so old, how could you possibly know that this is the first Jedi temple and the original Jedi texts?
    • Maybe this is a haunted house that Luke set up last night.

Once Rey stops paying attention to Luke and starts following the call of the tree, Luke follows after her (showing that he definitely is doing this for attention).

    • Luke having an antagonistic relationship with the tree.
  • It's weird to keep books (made from paper) inside of a tree. Maybe it's Uneti wood paper.
  • If a young person showed up at your door asking to be your apprentice what would your reaction be?
    • Chris would embrace it as he has in the past. Mentioned: "Street The Retailer".
    • Stories about Alex's comic book interns.
    • Luke's nightmare is that a young person shows up at his door claiming to be the new chosen one asked me to be trained,and he says as much.
    • Mentioned Baby Yoda and his continuing Adventures.
  • Other times they say "who are you?" in Star Wars?

Meta Minute


  • Radtke: (as Obi-Wan) —but look I've got a sand igloo.


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