Last Jedi Minute 66: Goathounds

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May 3rd, 2021


Break-out guest commentator Tony Consiglio returns to observe BB-8 helping spring DJ from the Canto Bight brig!


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with DJ finding the guards subdued and ends with Finn and Rose finding a fathier (the goathounds).
  • This is the historic first meeting of BB-8 and DJ.


  • Tony remembered his website!
  • Tony has been locked in his podcasting cage since since his last appearance on the show (note: see below).
  • Fathiers look the offspring of a goat and a greyhound.
    • Mentioned: the trope that goats will eat anything.
  • Callback to former guest of the show Noah Segan. Where is the lanky guy that is played by Rian Johnson's uncle? Could be the guy behind BB-8 in this minute?
  • How did BB-8 do all of this? It's ridiculous.
    • The guard is wearing a helmet, yet is still knocked out by a shoe.
  • A thing that Pete quotes from this minute all the time to his kids (because they think it's hilarious) is "What's your story, Roundy?"
    • When the other cop comes around the corner and says to DJ "hands up!" DJ says "yeah man" and Pete quotes that as well without realizing that he's quoting DJ.
    • Mentioned: The Usual Suspects. What if the character of DJ was just Benicio del Toro doing all the lines from his other movies.
    • Referenced: Rose Tico Tase Crazy.
  • This cop isn't very conscientious, rather than tazing first and asking questions later. These cops are glorified security guards.
  • The rest of the prisoners are standing by impassive rather than clamoring to be let out.
  • Why have manholes in prison? It makes it really easy for prisoners to get out. And after the prisoners get out why don't they close the manhole so the guards don't know which way they went?
  • Finn is taking on the C-3PO role in this film right now, he's very much in the back seat.
  • Note for later: Finn and Rose have just been slogging up to their waists in sewage and should smell like it for the rest of the time they're wearing these clothes.
  • Fathiers are named like racehorses, so for every day this week Pete will give us the name of a new fathier. Referenced Father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H.
  • The [incorrect] urban legend of NASA and the space pen versus the Soviet pencil.
  • The physical unreality of things happening during the Canto Bight sequence, and the mechanics of how BB-8 takes coins loaded into him and turns them into a machine gun.
    • Much like R2-D2's rockets, you'd think that would have come in handy earlier.
      • For Pete, BB-8 becomes one of the biggest problems in this movie over these next few minutes.
      • But he could be a change machine and be designed for that purpose.
      • Hasbro needs to make a BB-8 coin bank. It could be one of those "don't break the ice" games where randomly when you put a coin in there's a chance that a it'll set off the coin machine gun.
  • Plug for Tony's Teepublic store and

Meta Minute

  • 26:40 podcast episode length.
  • Alex STILL cannot pronounce "fathier" anything close to correctly.
  • TOCO last appeared on the main show on January 24th, 2020. This was less than a week before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (it would go on to declare it a pandemic in March of that year). But yeah, other than that, he hasn't really missed much.
  • Goat racing is indeed a thing, and the island of Tobago in the Caribbean is known as the goat racing capital of the world.
    • Although goats are naturally curious and will sample nearly anything in their environments (and they do this by nibbling on the items in question), they are surprisingly picky eaters. The stereotype that they eat and digest tin cans likely comes from the fact that they are trying to eat the paper and glue from can labels[1].
  • Manhole covers (increasingly called "maintenance hole covers) are round for a whole host of reasons.
    1. The first and most obvious reason is that manholes are round so of course their covers are round too.
    2. Many tools that humans use to make big heavy things work best when making round objects. It's a strong, material-efficient design.
    3. They can be rolled into place, and since they're round pretty much any direction you could set one in is the correct one.
    4. As Pete said, a circle will not fall through its own hole, whereas a square, for example, can.
  • Going up the ventilation shaft is a reference to minute 8 of the Naboo movie.
  • "OTB" as it pertains to derby races refers to "off-track betting".


  • Pete:...a regular goat-eaten can of worms.
  • Alex : *sighing* Ugh. I know I'm Rian Johnson's uncle, I'm in here [prison] for life. Pete: (also as Rian Johnson's uncle) My nephew made this movie! He's a director—Hollywood.
  • Tony: I'm jumping the goathound.
  • Pete: Poe's jacket just got stinky.
  • Alex: Fath[i]er David.
  • Pete: They "eat ships and die".
  • Alex: Farther with the fathiers.


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