Last Jedi Minute 67: Half-Cape

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May 4th, 2021


Rose reveals her radical Resistance ring to the cooped-up Canto Bight kids and commentator Tony Consiglio!


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with the father sticking their heads out of their pens and ends with the fathiers running out of their pens with Rose and Finn on one of their backs.


  • Referenced: Animal House..The kids are in a literal animal house.

The Resistance/Rebel decoder ring

  • If the reaction to this movie hadn't been as polarizing as it was, they probably would have sold these rings in merch stores. Or they'd send you one after you sent in enough box tops. It seemed like it was created specifically for merchandizing purposes.
    • Other merchandising hits from the sequel movies.
  • According to the visual dictionary, this ring is antique from the Galactic Civil War worn by Senators who wanted to show they were sympathetic to the Rebellion.
  • The ring is surprisingly analog as opposed to a hologram or something.
  • Rose is taking a chance that A) this kid knows what the ring means despite it being an antique and B) he won't turn them in for being outlaws (in addition to being strangers).

Other notes

  • Fathiers run on average a little bit slower than the fastest horse on record. Referenced: "Back to the Future".
  • Considering that up to this point Rose and Finn's only crime is a parking violation, the Canto Bight police really do give it their all trying to apprehend them.
  • Horses, like most prey species, have their eyes on the sides of their head whereas fathiers have binocular stereoscopic vision like most predators.
  • Comments on the overall design of the fathiers. They're are bit too horselike.
  • Cop capes.
    • Alex wishes he could pull off the cape look.
      • We are in a golden age of custom orders straight from the manufacturer. Shout-out to former guest of the show Damon.
      • Wearing capes made for children like Robin (of Batman and Robin). On an adult it would be a half cape.
  • The practicality of having an alarm button actually inside the stalls.
  • Fathier name report for today: Hoth Stuff.
  • Which Star Wars mount would you choose to ride?
    • Between a fathier, a tauntaun, and bantha. Or eopie (the fart horse).
  • Call the 8-DAY-GREEDO hotline.
    • Plug for TocoTees.

Meta Minute

  • 23:41 podcast episode length.
  • "TOCO TEES" is too long for the standard 7 digits of a phone number, but if you cut off the "s", you get 862-6833.



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