Last Jedi Minute 88: The Merle Haggard of Space

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June 2nd, 2021


Guest commentator Hal Lublin decides if The Resistance are cowards, traitors or both but Poe thinks he has the answer!


Hal Lublin



  • Starts with Poe shouting the word "plan" and ends with Poe being escorted off the bridge.


  • Referenced: the Vaudeville Hook.
  • Some people's major complaint is that Holdo doesn't just tell Poe everything, but that's not how the military (or other structured organizations) works.
    • Poe's arc in this movie revolves around learning what it is to be a leader and a hero, and he's not there yet. We saw at the start of the movie he's perfectly willing to sacrifice others but not necessarily himself.
    • Poe acts like a baby, so it is reasonable that he's treated like one.
  • Cowards and traitors. This would be a good name for an album by the Merle Haggard of space.
  • "Hope is like the sun...". Why the sun if we're in space where there's loads of suns?
    • Hope is mentioned in every Star Wars movie. Mentioned: Hope Floats, Road to Morocco.
  • Luke was supposed to be the last hope, and he ends up like basically every other Jedi (running away and hiding). Should we expect the same from Rey?
  • Are there shoulder holsters for blasters? Pretty much just Bill Burr's character. Mentioned: "The Real World".
  • People are constantly running away from the Rebellion. Anybody who is left in gets made a general pretty quickly.
    • Now that Rose is off ship, people are probably taking all the escape pods. Mentioned: Tase Crazy.
  • Background extras like Willrow Hood and the stormtrooper who hit his head being played by unknown actors.
  • Mentioned: Peet Deretalia, Hal Lublin's character in Join the Resistance
  • Would Poe have gotten more information if he had played nice instead of demanding instant gratification? Holdo has known a million "flyboys" like Poe in her time.
  • Should Poe be in the brig for his outburst? He's afforded some leniency since he's a hero of the Resistance. Referenced: special cake for Homer to ruin.
  • Hal's general Star Wars thoughts:
He saw it 4 times in the theater.
To Hal, this movie is second only in importance to the original Star Wars. There are stories to be told that aren't just about the Skywalkers; heroes can come from anywhere.
 Rian Johnson is a talented filmmaker and many of his frames are beautifully shot.
 Many of people's criticisms are valid (this movie isn't and can't be for everyone). Even things that don't make sense don't make it bad. It will be really interesting how public attitudes towards this movie (and those that came immediately after it) settle out over time.

Meta Minute

  • 32:59 podcast episode length.
  • In Hope Floats (1998), the word "hope" is spoken 7 times, and the word "hopeless" a further 2 times. Bob Hope is one of the stars of Road to Morocco in which the word "hope" is spoken twice, and the word "hopeless" once.
  • According to, it is often possible to mute gas station TV.
  • There is no mention anywhere on Wookieepedia of who played Willrow Hood, unless the extra who portrayed him comes forward, his identity will most likely remain a mystery.
  • You can follow Leah Derham-Boyce on Twitter.
  • Klingon names are an example of the "punctuation shaker" trope.
  • Interesting fact: you actually catch less flies with honey than with vinegar. Vinegar is made from rotting fruit, a main food source for flies[1], whereas honey is made by bees and bees sting.


  • Pete: Organa out! *makes zooming away hand gesture and jetpack sound effects* Alex: Well his name is "Bail".
  • Pete: (trying to plug the merch store) Alex has a cool thing hanging up behind him... <Alex gestures towards the tapestry behind him> that's not available!


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