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Pete & Alex do a live Q&A for Patreon supporters, to celebrate reaching $3,000/m in Patreon donations.


Feb 3, 2016




El Adam


  • What characters you afraid you'll see in Rogue One?
  • Can you explain staring at the French horn?
  • What would you like to see in the Obi Wan movie?
  • What's your favourite music from the Star Wars films?
  • How many times have you seen TFA?
  • Does Obi Wan have PTSD after the events of Episode III?
  • Are you still recording at your office?
  • Do you guys avoid watching the movies prior to watching them minute by minute for the show?
  • How much material do you actually edit out on the show?
  • Are you planning to come to London for Star Wars Celebration this year?
  • Will Anakin's ghost ever appear to Kylo Ren?
  • What happened with David Hahn's week in Jedi that was finished by Radtke?
  • Do you guys find yourself discussing SWM theories with non-listeners?
  • Do you guys still collect Star Wars merchandise?
  • Do people still hate it when you talk about the toys?
  • Any chance of the hosts collaborating on a Star Wars comic?
  • Do you guys approve of Jar Jar?
  • How did you record so much in LA??
    • Discussion of who the hosts substitutes are
  • Which Star Wars prop would you like to own?
  • Ever try to get Ben Burtt on the show?
  • If they did another animated series, what would you like to see?
  • Would you rather fight one horse-sized mousedroid or 1000 mousedroid-sized horses?
  • Best lightsaber battle ever?
  • Have you met any of main actors?
  • Why haven't you had Peter Cushing on?
  • Do you like Mandalorians?
  • Where do you rate TFA against the others?
  • When did you record the latest episodes?
  • Can we get some Obi Wan / Sheev impressions from Alex?
  • Why haven't you had any really young people on?
  • Have you seen the "Build the Millennium Falcon" subscription? (This one?)
  • Would you like to see Dexter Jettster's adventures in the outer rim?
  • Would you like to see a gritty Holiday Special reboot?
  • What's your favourite scene from the Holiday Special?
  • What been the most ridiculous 8-DAY-GREEDO call?
  • Will you ever have someone on who's never seen the movies?
  • What's your favourite minute from the original trilogy?
  • Has anyone asked how you two met?



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