Jedi Minute 60: Blimp Speed

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March 27th, 2015


Leia dives off as her bike explodes against a tree.


Mike Dawson



  • Starts with Luke saying "keep on that one, I'll take these two".
Ends with Princess Leia being shot as she falls off her speeder bike.


  • It's an Ink Panthers reunion.
  • We're at the one hour mark of the movie.
  • Alternate plots if the biker scout did get away to warn the others.
  • How many minutes is the speeder bike chase? This minute is light on dialog.
  • Leia is just doing what Luke tells her by this point.
  • The latter half of this movie (after this chase) tends to drag.
  • How is Leia so good at steering a speeder bike?
  • Speeder bikes do not seem very practical vehicles to use in a heavily wooded forest.
  • The biker scouts have to really concentrate to ride and shoot at the same time.
  • Mentioned: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull; two guys standing on different motorcycles punching each other.
    • This scene should have been like that - or Luke should have had one foot on one speeder bike and the other foot on another speeder bike. Then he could have been hit in the crotch by various things as the flew by.
  • This forest seems to be generally clear of low brush, shrubs etc.
  • The pros and cons of setting the movie in the American woods. Why this was done by the movie makers.
  • Other alien-like environments on Earth.
  • Giant redwood trees are still fairly exotic for non-American audiences.
  • Other ways that this sequence could have been filmed using puppets.
  • Flipping the characters so that the humans become puppets and vice-versa. What would the Ewoks be in this scenario.
  • What is the purpose of this chase? Is the lead Scout trying to get back to base or lead them away from base AND are our heroes trying to follow him or stop him?
  • Scouts must crash into a tree at least once a day at those speeds.
  • Do the Scouts have to go that fast on their speeder bikes normally? Or do they usually go at blimp speed? That would have changed the chase quite a lot.
  • Notes about the speeder-bikes:
    • This model is the 74ZS. This is a military variant of the 74Y - maybe this is what Luke and Leia have ridden before.
    • A speeder-bike - or maybe a swoop bike - is seen in the Special Edition of a A New Hope.
    • They were meant to be in the battle scene at the end of Attack of the Clones (Sorry, Pete) but ultimately weren't used.
  • There are 105 camera shots in three minutes in this sequence.
  • The slow camera zoom into the blaster as it fires is a cool shot.
  • A speeder bike can go 10 metres into the air.
  • Seeing the bikes go up and down more often in the movie would have been effective.
  • Leia should have stayed higher up in the air on hers as this gives her the advantage.
  • Getting bugs on your face and in your mouth when flying a speeder bike.
  • This sequence was one of the last things the movie makers finished prior to the movie being released.
  • This whole sequence is filmed in an "old-timey", "superimposed" kind of way.
  • The biker scouts have a cool pistol - although they waited way too long to use. Maybe they were waiting for it to be charged.
  • This pistol was a cool toy.
  • The biker scout uniform is also cool.
  • Scout troopers are held in higher esteem than regular stormtroopers because they have motorcycles.
  • Can speeder bikes go backwards?
  • No one knowing what species Yoda is.
  • Mentioned: Wolverine.
  • Jedi never seem that cool in the Star Wars movies. This may because they are generally law-abiders.
  • The hosts having to do the Prequels for the podcasts; they are like condemned men.
  • A discussion between Mike and the hosts at this point is summarized below (scroll down!).
  • Mike is excited to hear the hosts talk about Ewoks - they're close.
  • Thanks to and from Mike for the episode.
  • Apparently a side-car is available for the speeder bikes.
  • This wraps up All-star Cartoonist week.
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Meta Minute

  • 36:17 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Mike suggesting that this should just be an Ink Panthers episode.
  • There are four Shrek films, with tentative plans for a fifth to be released in 2019 or 2020[1].
  • Despite their stately appearance, blimps can move quite fast, with top speeds in excess of 115 km/h (~70 mph)[2]
  • "Jawsipedia" was also mentioned during Jenny Jaffe's first appearance on the show.
  • You can get Mike's book Freddie & Me: A Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody at Amazon.


  • Pete: ...we analyze, scrutinize and Ink Pantherise the Star Wars movies one minute at a time.
  • Pete: They <the speeder bikes> avoid trees. Alex: Like an auto-pilot thing? Pete: Yeah. Mike: Except that every speeder bike scout smashes into a tree.
  • Mike: Sorry for this thing you're saying.
  • Alex: Nothing's cooler than being in a YodaBjörn.
  • Pete: "All the Skreks".


A general discussion between Mike and the hosts:
 Return of the Jedi was Mike's favorite Star Wars movie as a kid (this ranking has now changed).
 It was the first Star Wars movie he saw.
 The Empire Strikes Back scared him.
 Mike was excited to see Jedi and was into Star Wars at that point.
 He loved the movie and all the creatures.
 He never watched the movies that often.
 Mike recently watched Jedi special edition with his 6-year-old daughter; she didn't like it at all.
 She said Madagascar 3 is a better movie.
 Alex used to watch CGI animated movies all the time when they first came out.
 Mentioned: Toy Story, Ice Age; Shrek; "Jimmy Neutron".
 This podcast is systematically dismantling Star Wars and ruining people's childhoods.
 Mike did like the Ralph McQuarrie concept art sketch books and these still hold up.
 The "Star Wars Rebels" cartoon uses a lot of McQuarrie artwork however Mike is not going to watch it.
 Kids still liking Star Wars is surprising - there's so much more content available now.
 When does Star Wars fandom end? Does it?
 Pete talks about liking the first movie and calling that Star Wars.
 Mentioned: The Matrix and its sequels.
 Movie franchises and how they hang together over time.
 Also mentioned: Rocky; Alien; Jaws.
 The plot of Jaws IV.
 Mentioned: The Never Ending Story (it doesn't hold up)
 Kids watching new movies versus old movies - the new movies look way more realistic.
 It's sad when your kids don't like the movies you did.
 Mike's ranking of the Star Wars movies - 5, 4, 6, the rest doesn't count.
 There is no main character in The Phantom Menace
 The problem with kids liking the Prequels - it is heart-breaking.
 Mentioned: Wayne's World and the "Bohemian Rhapsody" sequence.
 Mike's daughter liked the above scene.
 Kids being into the same things that their parents like (and vice versa)
 Other Special Edition scenes that should have been included in Jedi.

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