Star Wars Minute 35: Ashla and Bogan

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July 19th, 2013.


Minute 35: Ben explains The Force and other things.


Gaz Gretsky



  • This sequence (Ben's talk) brings the movie together and launches the trilogy.
  • The Force is discussed in a level of detail for the first time.
  • The full hologram message from Leia to Ben (via R2-D2) starts playing in this minute.


  • The Force and midi-chlorians.
  • A reading of a fantastic sequence from the second draft by Pete. Includes references to Luke Starkiller, The Skywalker, The Force of Others (Ashla The Good and Bogan The Para-force of Evil), The Jedi Bendu of the Ashla, Darklighter, Sith Pirates and The Kyber Crystal. This single passage informs so much of what we know about the Star Wars 'back-story' or EU today.
  • Splinter of the Mind's Eye and how it could have become Star Wars II.
  • Star Wars names.
  • The lack of powerful words or terms to describe fighting on the side of Good.
  • The Dark Side of The Force and how it works. Gaz thinks one can safely dabble in The Dark Side without be drawn fully into it and turning evil (an interesting theory).
  • The Force not really working in the Prequels to explain complex human actions and motivations.
  • Alex says that Walter White in Breaking Bad is a good example of someone being drawn into The Dark Side.
  • Vader's redemption.
  • Leia refers to Ben as General Kenobi (this term is utilised in the Prequels and The Clone Wars series).
  • Why does the Rebellion want Ben now (as opposed to sooner) and what for?
  • Pete hypothesises that there are code words regarding Luke in Leia's message to Ben. Gaz isn't sold on the concept.
  • Why R2-D2 takes so long to show Ben the message after being so desperate to find him. R2-D2 does end up interrupting the conversation to play the message.
  • Obi-Wan serving Leia's father (known as Space Jimmy Smits in the podcast) during The Clone Wars.
  • Luke working on C-3PO again and C-3PO is back on; that was a short shut-down (if so, why?) or is it a blooper or editing mistake in the movie?
  • Ben's choice of words "Let's see what you are and where you come from?" and what this means.
  • Referenced: Back to the Future II - video messages on phone answering machines.

Meta Minute

  • 21:00 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: To Leia "Oh yeah, go pick up your brother who you don't know, you've never met and 20 years ago we did this whole thing..."
  • Alex: In regards to R2-D2 wanting to play Leia's message to Ben "...or maybe it's kind of like an Adobe [software] update where, you know, R2 is like 'Would you like to hear the message now?' and they're like 'Not now. Ask me again in 10 minutes.'"
  • Gaz: In regards to holograms "But if its hologram couldn't you program like, you'd be sitting there in your pyjamas and be like 'Ah, put me in the tuxedo' and it would be like a skin you'd buy for like 99 cents." Pete: "Right, that's fine." Gaz: "Oh, ok, the illusion of proprietary...propiety? ah...fanciness."
  • Gaz: I'm kind of looping the minute as we talk. Is that cheating? Is that ok?
  • Alex: In regards to C-3PO's close down "Maybe he meant close down emotionally."


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