Star Wars Minute 40: Blame the Sand People

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July 26th, 2013.


Ben and Luke find the wreckage of a Sandcrawler.


Damon Ciarelli



  • The attack on the Jawas and their Sandcrawler is considered in more detail.
  • Luke calls the droids "the robots" in this scene.
  • Luke speeds home in fear of an attack on his home.


  • The culture of the Tatooine desert and 'who attacks who' in the normal course of business.
  • Can Jawas fight off Sand people and other attackers? If so, how and with what weapons?
  • The possible death of Pete The Jawa.
  • Why does the Empire even bother framing the Sand people? What's the point and how did they do it?
  • Possible links between a) the Empire framing the Sand people and b) Anakin's (Vader's) hatred of the Sand people from the Prequels when they kidnapped his mother.
  • The conspiracy theory that it was actually Ben that attacked the homestead and the Sandcrawler to encourage Luke to leave Tatooine with him.
  • The way the Ben / Obi-Wan character changed in the scripts over time.
  • Ben's feeble attempts to stop Luke from speeding back to the homestead.
  • Luke driving the Landspeeder.
  • Languages spoken by Stormtroopers and their possible utilisation of the Death Star droid.
  • How the Stormtroopers work out which droids they're looking for.
  • Left to right camera wipe in the Landspeeder scene.
  • Small talk between Ben and the droids when Luke speeds off.
  • Thanks to Damon for being on the podcast this week.

Meta Minute

  • 16:25 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: "Here's a question..." leading to the usual can of worms when Alex asks a question.


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