Star Wars Minute 60: Simple Tricks and Nonsense

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August 23rd, 2013.


Luke swings the lightsaber around blindly missing the seeker, which fires off a laserbolt and hits Luke square on the seat of the pants.


Ryan Haupt



  • Minute 60 - the 1-hour mark!
  • Starts with Han calling the Force a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.
  • Ends with Han still dismissing the Force, even after a demonstration of its power by Ben and Luke (i.e. defending against the remote training device). Han - "Good against remotes - that's one thing; good against the living - that's something else.")


  • A discussion about luck and whether it exists in Star Wars. Pete suggests that there definitely is luck and Ben knows it; while Alex suggests that Force believers would probably say that everything that happens is the will of the Force.
  • Ben could have chosen a much better demonstration of the power of the Force. Luke blindly defending against a remote seems a bit tame (and lucky); why not levitate things around the Falcon. Ryan compares the approach of starting with a small demonstration and then building to something bigger with another famous example in the real world.
  • Jedis saving up the Force for later use.
  • Obi-Wan's voice constantly being in Luke's head in normal, day-to-day life.
  • The helmet that Luke uses and the purpose of a full-face blast shield. Is this even useful? Is it like a welder's mask or a novelty item (like a giant sombrero)?
  • Helmet laws in the Star Wars universe.
  • The concept and tone of the Force and the way that it is portrayed has a very 70s (in America) feel.
  • The quality of the special effects in the original version of the movie really stand up.
  • Is the training remote a droid?
  • The training remote shoots Luke in the foot. Poor Luke!
  • Is Ben controlling Luke to deflect the laser bolts as a way of impressing Han given their debate about the power of the Force? (Note - This is a classic Pete question.)
  • Luke's connection to the Force presumably being stronger than Obi-Wan's due to Anakin/Vader being Luke's father.
  • Jedi not breeding with each other and therefore the Force gene (midi-chlorians) having to be a dominant trait.
  • The Force being an inherited trait based on the movies.
  • Given this, is Luke inherently good at the Force at this point (Ryan's view) or is he just being controlled by Obi-Wan the whole time (Pete and Alex's view)?
  • What the Millennium Falcon smells like. A garage, a frat house, a rental van, pets, the humus that Han is eating, oil and electrical wires, a neutral odor, poop?
  • The composition of the interior of the Falcon.
  • The smell in the smuggling compartments must be overpowering.
  • The blasters do not seem at all accurate, regardless of who is using them. Also, Stormtroopers get hit by blaster bolts a lot without hitting much themselves.
  • Blaster vs lightsabers. How can a sword possibly be a better weapon than a gun? Maybe blasters are completely random.
  • Greedo surviving being shot by Han.
  • Referenced: the smell of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.
  • How smell works, especially on space ships.
  • Pete refers to an earlier draft of the script in which, just after the lightsaber training scene and Han's "nothing like a good blaster" line, Obi-Wan uses the Force to make Han's blaster shoot while it's still in the holster on his leg - thereby making Han do a little dance of surprise. Alex is glad that they didn't actually do that in the movie.
  • Ryan's first memories of Star Wars:
    • The VHS tapes were always in his house and he watched them over and over again.
    • He also remembers when the Special Editions were released and just barely recognizing that the changes weren't necessarily better.
    • The Prequels were released when he was in the 7th or 8th grade and therefore in the target market.
    • He already liked Star Wars so he remembers being excited before their release and then slightly disappointed after seeing them. (Note - a common tale!)
    • He was a fan of the idea of the Prequels and expected good movies.
    • He thought the lightsaber duel choreography in Episode I had definitely improved from the originals, and remembers actively disliking Episodes II and III in the cinema.
  • Pete raises the following:
    • He has a view that is potentially more controversial than simply not liking any of the Prequels.
    • By this point of the podcast, he has been called out on his blanket dislike of the Prequels.
    • Episode I is his favorite of the Prequels. (Note - this is followed by a moment of stunned silence on the podcast.)
  • Alex counters with:
    • Revenge of the Sith (ROTS) is has favorite movie of the Prequels.
    • He may like ROTS more than he likes Return of the Jedi.
  • Ryan talks about episode 26 of his podcast Science... sort of in which the cast:
    • Explores a number of Star Wars items from a scientific point of view, including R2-D2 flying (which doesn't work scientifically).
    • Discusses their general feelings about the Prequels.

Meta Minute

  • 20:54 podcast episode length.
  • Pete reveals that they no longer ask guests which other minute/s they want to come back for as scheduling is a nightmare. However theoretically Ryan says that he would really like to come back for the first appearance of Yoda (in ESB) which is one of his favorite moments.


  • Ryan: In the intro - "I'm Ryan Haupt and I forgot to come up with something clever..."
  • Pete: I had a different idea of why that theory didn't work. Alex: Because midi-chlorians are stupid? Pete: Yeah.
  • Pete: ...when they go into those smuggling compartments, it's just gotta be like all farts in there. Ryan: That's what those compartments actually are - the fart compartments. They're the compartments that store all the farts. Alex: Comfartments you mean.
  • Ryan: Wow - I feel like I'm uncovering some deep truths here.
  • Alex: Stretch out with your feelings.
  • Ryan: I assume that you guys are gonna do all the Prequels minute-by-minute. Alex: Hmmm. Pete: <clears throat> I don't know what you just said.


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