Star Wars Minute 97: Bank Robbery at Three O'Clock

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October 15th, 2013.


Rotting in a forest of gargantuan trees, an ancient temple lies shrouded in an eerie mist.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with the Rebel state trooper tracking the Millennium Falcon with his radar gun; ends with Tarkin being briefed on the plan for the Death Star attack on Yavin 4.


  • Is the radar gun actually a blaster? What is the purpose of the tower that the guy is standing in? A punishment chamber perhaps. If it is a blaster location then it is not very well hidden.
  • Yavin 4 is the fourth moon of the gas giant planet Yavin; is this the Yavin system?
    • Call 8-DAY-GREEDO if you know the correct name of the 'Yavin' system.
  • There is a real contrast between the exterior of the Rebel base, and its interior and contents. Also, how did the Rebels get the spaceships into the hangar, especially given all the pillars? How did they find it? It's a pretty useful moon and location.
  • The shot of the hangar bay is really interesting. There is a lot happening and it provides an insight into the scale of the Rebel Alliance.
  • In the establishing camera shot of the hangar, it is actually our heroes getting on to the cart / people mover in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Luke's poncho.
  • People on the scooter at airports always annoy Alex. Josh explains why our heroes need it in this instance.
  • R2-D2 shakes his legs when he gets off the scooter. Also, the heroes don't seem to have any luggage. What happened to Ben's clothes and lightsaber on the Death Star? Also, what clothes was Ben wearing at the time? Did he have underwear on? If not (see SWM-Canon#All Jedi go commando), that changes the movies.
  • The Rebels' weird old computers take Josh out of the movie every time.
  • Referenced: Back to the Future.
  • The design of the Death Star that R2-D2 shows on the monitor is an old design in that the laser port / divot is along the equator. Given this, there was definitely a risk that the layout of the Death Star and exhaust port had changed significantly. The Rebels got lucky!
  • A version of the plans for the Death Star are seen in ROTS ("Sorry Pete" x2) and the laser port is shown in the correct place, so R2-D2's version may be really old.
  • What does it smell like?: Our heroes at this point? The garbage masher.
  • The lurking Death Star is shown; the Star Wars version of the bad guy creeping up on you. Lots of 8-DAY-GREEDO calls about how the Death Star actually moves.
  • The Tarkin scene moves quickly and doesn't waste any time whatsoever.
  • Darth Vader being excited, or trying to stay away from Tarkin's stench. Maybe that's what Leia actually smells.
  • Alex expands on the temple used by the Rebels on Yavin 4 (based on EU 'stuff'):
    • It is a Massassi temple. (This is the introduction of Massassay in SWM lore). Note - While Pete is saying MassasSAY Alex says 'careful' and the meaning of this warning is unclear.
    • It was built many eons ago to worship the Sith Lord {{{2}}} (Note: mispronounced as 'Shadow' by Alex).
  • Did the Special Editions 'fix' the movies? Alex is now very anti-Special Edition due to the hard work of people in the 70s simple being erased from the screen. Josh portrays this as a 'work for hire' scenario.
  • Josh defends the Special Editions as follows: 98% of them are the same; they look better than they ever have. The problem / sad part is that the Special Edition changes fade over time. Pete remembers that the closest he's ever been to not having any bad feelings about the Special Editions was the first time he saw it in HD (high definition)—it was beautiful. He remembers touching the screen in awe. However seeing a special edition scene / change does take Pete out of the movie now.
  • Commander Willard sounds like he's dubbed by Alan Alda. Almost every line in the movie seems to be dubbed. Is this due to the use of British accents or bad sound quality? It may be linked to having to dub Darth Vader's voice and then matching them all from there.
    • Commander Willard's voice was actually dubbed by Michael Bell.
    • Referenced: Many of Michael Bell's characters; refer to the above Wiki article for details.
  • Alex talks about how much of a nerd he was to know all about Michael Bell before the invention of the internet. The hosts wonder how one would even go about it. Getting the name from the credits and then physically calling the studio?
  • There is a potential example in this minute of Lucas using Coppola's filming technique of having Tarkin saying "Yes?" (or answering a phone etc.) and then having another character providing exposition (e.g. "there's going to be a bank robbery at three o'clock"). F.F.C. said it was always good to have these type of shots 'in the can' for future editing use if required. Were there other pick-up shots filmed that we've never seen? (e.g. Alec Guinness answering his lightsaber like a phone.)
  • Referenced: Francis Ford Coppola; The Godfather.
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Meta Minute

  • 21:17 podcast episode length.
  • Note - there is a great exchange in which Pete impersonates a nerd correcting him on a detail regarding Yavin and Alex quietly says "Hey Pete, go easy on insulting the nerds; they're our bread and butter".
  • Rather boringly, the planetary system that contains the planet Yavin is also called 'Yavin', named after the star, Yavin. To differentiate the planet around which Yavin 4 and the other moons orbit, the planet is known as 'Yavin Prime'.
  • The speed trap guy has a name, Corporal Osleo Prennert (anagram of ILM artist Lorne Peterson who played him), and a fairly interesting article on Wookieepedia.


  • Pete: If the Death Star comes, you shoot it!
  • Alex: Who knows if it really happened.
  • Josh: A poncho and a lightsaber.
  • Josh: By the end all that Ben was luggage, you know...a pile of clothes.
  • Pete: Instead of "going Commando" I'm going to start referring to it as "going Jedi".
  • Pete: (In regards to watching the movie in HD) I could see Han's little dish on the Falcon. Alex: (quick as a shot) Are you talking about Princess Leia?
  • Josh: You smell like a Dianoga took a <dump> on you!


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