Star Wars Minute 63: Turn the Ship Around

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Death Star size comparison.jpeg


August 28th, 2013


As the battered pirate starship is towed closer to the awesome metal moon, the immense size of the massive battle station becomes staggering.


Damon Ciarelli



  • That's no moon; that's a space station
  • First "I have a bad feeling about this." Said by Luke.


  • How do they know how big the Death Star is? In space it's hard to judge scale.
    • Ben must have great eyesight.
  • The Death Star should put in a public park system.
  • The Star Wars Drinking Game.
  • Mentioned: Redshirts in Star Trek.
  • Having a good feeling about things for a change.
  • Alec Guinness' great acting in this scene.
    • Especially considering he's looking at nothing (or even worse, a softball on a stick), and not knowing what Star Wars would eventually become.
  • Good actors in bad genre films.
  • Mentioned: The Last Starfighter
  • If they had escaped the before getting caught in the tractor beam, where would they go?
  • Han makes Chewie flip a switch that's right in front of him.
    • Similar to if Han was driving a car and had Chewie flip on his turn signal for him.

Meta Minute


  • Damon: "And I'm Damon from <BLEEP> dot com." Pete: "Oh... we're gonna have to bleep that out."
  • Alex: (as deputy director of Death Star Parks and Recreation department) "While we're on the subject, I need some more money for some planters..."
  • Pete "That's true—maybe he's a dog."
  • Pete: "Take yourself out of... out of Star Wars for a sec. Just picture—" Alex: "Wait a minute, what? I don't understand"


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