Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 132

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Oct 22, 2017


We've returned to our individual corners in order to discuss Clone Wars and "From a Certain Point of View"






  • Alex and his Simpsons slot machine
  • Pete is between jobs: starting new job on Monday
  • If Han solo comes out on schedule, two Star Wars movies will come out during the next SWM season
  • Solo: a Star Wars story
  • Plane etiquette
  • New Star Wars Rebels
  • Should Alex do the reviews?
  • Alex watched some of the motion picture, and has some questions.
  • Another Empire hiatus episode should be coming up
  • Clone wars #13
    • Mace Windu shouldn't be able to do that
    • Alex gave it 4 Mace Windus
  • Remind Alex to put the theme songs on his phone
  • Shout-out to the wiki crew!
  • From A Certain Point of View
    • Raymus
      • Alex gave it 4.5*
    • The Bucket
      • Not as good as Raymus
      • Stormtrooper numbers
      • Alex 2.5*
  • Theme song call to arms
  • Pete wants Peet to come back
  • Reminder: sample episodes
  • Reminder: hiatus episode
  • Roll call
  • Listener question: What's your favourite walker?


  • Alex: "Well, all of our lives are an ornate tapestry of connections and introductions and so on"
  • Pete: "Make friends, influence people, network"
  • Alex: "It's trying to be cool in a hyperactive 9-year-old kind of a way"

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