Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 74

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Our pal Ralph Attanasia joins us as we figure out which Star Wars walls we'd like to be flies on.


Sep 3, 2016




Ralph Attanasia


  • Pete dropped his phone in a lake
  • Discussion of both dinosaurs and Dinosaurs
  • Topps card collector app (not a game)
  • Jurassic World is like Gremlins 2
  • Would you walk around naked in front of your droids?
  • Muftak and Kabe and other cantina patrons
  • The "Tales From ..." books


  • Pete: "Speaking of Star Wars..."
  • Ralph: "Speaking of Star Wars..."
  • Ralph: "I'm sorry, I spaced out for about half a second and lost track of what's going on" Alex: "We're doing a podcast about Star Wars" Pete: "Have you seen the film?"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

(Pete "sings" the theme, since Tony Thaxton is in Hawaii) If you could be a background character, what events in the Star Wars saga would you have liked to witness first-hand but not be directly involved in?

The Death Star explosion, from Endor
A rebel soldier witnessing the battle on Hoth
The pod race
Be in the audience of the Muppet Show
Max Rebo's last show in Jabba's palace
The Life Day ceremony

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