Star Wars Minute 30: Dragon Call

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July 12th, 2013.


Minute 30: A mysterious stranger scares off the Sandpeople.


Josh Flanagan



  • The big introduction of Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi, 30 minutes into the movie.
  • The only big celebrity reveal in the movie (Alec Guinness).
  • The musical score is doing a lot of the work in this minute / scene.


  • The Sandpeople's comical actions with the Landspeeder are the same as Yoda's with Luke's gear in ESB.
  • The Jawas would have cannabilised the Landspeeder within minutes.
  • Based on the Sandpeople's actions with the Landspeeder, Luke has really boring stuff.
  • The Landspeeder is an old model and the Sandpeople don't take anything integral from it.
  • Are people watching the movies in order supposed to know that this is Obi-Wan Kenobi before it is explained?
  • Ben Kenobi is a bad fake name as it uses the same last name.
  • Last names don't matter to Jedi; they don't change Luke's last name either.
  • How many human families are on Tatooine?
  • A possible origin of the name Skywalker.
  • Luke agrees with everything in this movie - even the things that he doesn't understand.
  • Various possible 'off-screen' scenarios involving C-3PO and Luke (C-3PO driving Luke around Tatooine in the Landspeeder; C-3PO buying beer for Luke).
  • Is Ben using The Force to make the Krayt Dragon sound? Would this actually be scary, even if you 'scare easily'?
  • George Lucas constantly changing the Krayt Dragon sound in various versions of the movie.
  • A 'Making of' documentary that included Ben Burtt, and Alex trying to re-create the laser sound in his own yard as a child (on a tension wire).
  • Don Knotts and Wedge Antilles references in this podcast episode.
  • Ben's clothes are the same as Uncle Owen's, and then it turns out that this is how ALL Jedi dress - ever! This is possibly linked to George Lucas' interest in Samurai and what they wear and may also add credence to the early 'ridiculous' theory that Uncle Owen is a clone of Ben (or vice versa).
  • The various elements that contributed to the rebirth of interest in Star Wars (the internet; college years; the 'Clerks factor' etc.).
  • Pete reads from an earlier draft of the movie in this podcast episode. It relates to how Luke is restrained by the Sandpeople <quote> while they ransack the Landspeeder.

Meta Minute

  • 19:40 podcast episode length.
  • This podcast episode marks the point at which the podcast episodes combined have a longer running time than the entire original trilogy.
  • The way Luke is restrained in the earlier draft is very similar to how Obi-Wan is held prisoner on Geonosis in Episode II.


  • Pete: We ARE watching the movies in order.
  • Alex: Unless on Tatooine that [the name Skywalker] is kind of like 'Jones'.
  • Alex: It's just something that every nerd knows.
  • Josh: (As Ben Burtt) "I combined a Manatee with a Walrus and a coffee blender and that's not what I wanted at all, so what I've brought in now was an Elephant, a Porpoise and a '58 Chevelle."
  • Josh: Ben Burtt is the most interesting and most boring person all at the same time.
  • Josh: It's what all dudes wear in this world, not just Jedi.
  • Alex: You like Star Wars, huh? Josh: That is a great opening line!
  • Pete: (In relation to eventually finishing the podcast on Star Wars) "Soon we'll be free."


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