Star Wars Minute 50: Poor Greedo

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Jabba, you look... different.


August 9th, 2013.


As Han is about to leave, Greedo, a slimey green-faced alien with a short trunk-nose, pokes a gun in his side.


Tony Consiglio



  • Ben and Luke leave the cantina.
  • Luke is advised that he'll have to sell his Landspeeder.
  • Greedo threatens Han Solo and tries to extort money from him.
  • The first time that Jabba the Hutt is mentioned.


  • Greedo being slimey - both physically and morally.
  • Referenced: Mer-Man and He-Man (from the 'Masters of the Universe' cartoon); Dick Tracy villains; The Sopranos; the gun / walkie-talkie scenes in E.T.
  • Is Greedo a bounty hunter or does he work for Jabba directly?
  • Pete's love for Greedo.
  • The nature of Han's and Greedo's relationship - they seem to have known each other for a while.
  • Also, it appears that Han is good at what he does and that Greedo isn't. This seems to rankle Greedo so when he finally gets the upper hand he becomes over-confident and makes a rookie mistake in letting Han reach for his gun under the table.
  • Han's misdirect in moving his left arm and hand and looking at them to distract Greedo.
  • Han has probably shot people under the table before.
  • The changes to, and mistakes with, this scene in the special edition (e.g. Greedo shoots first). A misread of the Han Solo character by Mr Lucas; making the movie more kid-friendly; something else?
  • Han did what he had to do.
  • Other changes to the scene that could have been made.
  • Jabba the Hutt in the original Marvel comics (whom they based on this guy) and how he doesn't look anything like he does in the later movies.
  • Chewbacca walking away and not looking back. Maybe he's not all that worried about Han.
  • Why is Han even on Tatooine so close to Jabba?
  • Tony thinks that Greedo intended to kill Han regardless of what happened in their meeting.
  • Han Solo - wanted by Jabba dead or alive.
  • Young Greedo in a deleted scene in the Prequels ("Sorry Pete").
  • Luke has been with Ben for less than a day by this point, but when Ben tells him that he'll have to sell his Landspeeder Luke is so disenfranchised he simply says "I don't care - I'm never coming here again". Ben is like a cult leader intent on destroying Luke's life.
  • Characters in Star Wars always seem to end up doing things they said they never would.
  • Shoutout to future guest of the show Eric.

Meta Minute

  • 23:30 podcast episode length.
  • Alex's pet peeve: Whatever one character does in Star Wars defines them and their entire race throughout the entire Star Wars 'Universe' (e.g. Greedo has a bad day, gets shot and dies and therefore him and his entire race are incompetent bounty hunters). As Alex says "we've all had bad days!".
  • Pete and his friends had the first, or one of the first, Greedo websites on the internet in the 90s (see archived version here) and achieved some minor nerd fame as a result.
  • Pete had a Greedo wedding cake topper and looks at a Greedo poster while recording the podcast.
  • The SWM hotline - 8-DAY-GREEDO.
  • Pete and his friends went to a convention in the summer before the special editions were released. At the convention Steve Sansweet (ultimate Star Wars collector) gave a presentation on the changes being made to the movies that was aimed at selling it to the fans. During the Q&A session Pete and his friends were going to ask Sansweet a question about Greedo, more as a joke than anything else, but decided not to. Then, when they saw the special edition - specifically the 'Greedo shoots first' change - they realised that they definitely SHOULD have asked him the question. It would have been 'breaking news'.


  • Pete: (Cold-open) 5! 0! That's...not the cops are here.
  • Tony: (Cold-open) Nothing's happened yet!
  • Tony: And I'm Tony Consiglio and I live in a state that has a stand your ground law. Alex: How appropriate.
  • Alex: Smiley Greedo (Note - he was trying to say slimey).
  • Pete, Alex and Tony: <Various Greedo and Mer-man impersonations>.
  • Tony: Oh, so I'm just sloppy seconds, aren't I? Pete: No, no, no <pause> Well, maybe.
  • Tony: YOU'LL BE DEAD!


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