Star Wars Minute 61: Your First Step Into a Larger World

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August 26th, 2013


The Falcon comes out of hyperspace to find that Alderaan's been totally blown away.


Damon Ciarelli



  • After exactly an hour of movie, an alarm goes off and act 2 starts.
  • The guy who reports to Tarkin that the base on Dantooine was deserted (the character is Officer Cass) gives an extremely flat performance.
  • Blooper: Vader keeps gesturing after he's finished talking - the dubbed lines don't match up with the acting.


  • Shoutout to Alex's Alec Guinness impression
  • If Ben was controlling the situation, then Luke is experiencing the placebo effect when he feels The Force.
  • Obi-Wan as a cult leader
  • Is that the conference room or Tarkin's personal office?
  • Why so many guys with guns hanging around in the Death Star?
  • Tarkin keeps getting fooled by Leia.
  • How does hyperspace work? They don't impact the remains of Alderaan until they drop to sublight.
    • Maybe only objects with sufficient gravity (stars, supernovae, etc.) can affect ships in hyperspace.
  • Referenced: Tron, Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Re-hash of the discussion about Leia's moral calculus from minute 57
  • Tarkin orders Leia be terminated immediately, but what does "immediately" actually mean in the Empire?

Meta Minute

  • 13:43 podcast episode length
  • This is Damon's second appearance on the show
    • Last time he promised to be from somewhere, but we'll have to wait for his third appearance for that.
  • Although not named, SWM-Canon is discussed:
    • Han is a cold-blooded murderer
    • Obi-Wan is a manipulative conniving jerk and Luke is a gullible sucker.


  • Damon: "...And I'm Damon, and I'm still not from anything."
  • Pete: (to Damon) "Have you seen the movie?"
  • Damon: "Blasters at every doorway."
  • Pete: (as Leia to Tarkin) "YOU STINK!"
  • Pete: "Flying through a roll of toilet paper."
  • Alex: (As Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "Make it so, Mr. La Forge."
  • Alex: (as Leia) "They're on Dantooine. Can I just send a quick email before I go back to my cell?"


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