Star Wars Minute 95: Han's Neg

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October 11th, 2013.


Han removes his gloves and smiling, is at the controls of the ship. Chewie moves into the aft section to check the damage. Leia is seated near Han.


Songe Riddle



  • Starts with Vader and Tarkin doing a post-game review; ends with Han and Leia also doing a post game review and Leia scoffing at Han's greed.


  • Alex uses Tarkin's "awful risk" line all the time.
  • It's a very quick transition from joy to peril; a) they've escaped but b) the Empire let them.
  • The Vader and Tarkin scene is very ominous and scary. Scary camera angles, Vader and Peter Cushing.
  • Could Vader's plan to let them escape, which he had to convince Tarkin to follow, be a Vader / Emperor conspiracy? (i.e. to put Tarkin and the Death Star in danger to a) sweep away the existing bureaucracy and b) provide a rallying point for the rest of the Empire.) Could be right, because they are already working on the Death Star II. Tarkin is completely blind to this threat.
  • Vader and the Emperor as Secret Rebel Agents.
  • Leia knows that they've been allowed to escape and are being tracked, so why did they therefore return directly to the secret Rebel base? A range of alternate approaches are discussed. Han is a bad smuggler; no device to detect tracking signals and he dismisses Leia's concerns out-of-hand. Perhaps he hasn't dealt with military grade tracking devices before.
  • Alex thinks Harrison Ford's reading of "Easy! You call that easy?" sounds quite funny.
  • Han Solo is very aggressive in this scene; maybe he knows that he's getting sucked in. Also, this is his shtick with girls - and he is disappointed when it doesn't work with Leia (i.e. His neg didn't work.)
  • Alex uses Leia's line "If money is all you love..." all the time.
  • The cockpit is very well lit in this movie and this shows a lot of detail. The front chairs look like they're made of suede and are very comfortable while the rear chairs look completely different and very UNcomfortable.
  • Referenced: The Holiday Special.
  • The cockpit in The Holiday Special is completely different and very minimal.
  • The hyper-space effect is not shown in the side windows in this sequence.

Meta Minute

  • 16:26 podcast episode length.
  • Songe thinks Han's and Leia's whole conversation in this minute is steeped in 70s counter-culture thinking, e.g. "I ain't in this for your revolution". Post-hippie disillusionment.
  • Songe also talks about how Harrison Ford got the role as Han Solo, and versions of this awkward scene between Han and Leia being used for a lot of the readings. Also, Alex points out that the scene is expositional and 'clunky'. Other casting options are discussed.
    • In casting, someone says "I've fed the coordinates to Chewbacca". Cut to Chewbacca eating a piece of paper with coordinates on it - he's Chewie because he's chewing.
    • Link to a selection of Star Wars audition tapes
  • Thanks to and from Songe for the week.
  • 8-DAY-GREEDO reminder; we're running out of Star Wars minutes though.


  • Songe: It's been quite a week.


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