Phantom Menace Minute 50: It's Working!

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January 29th, 2016


Anakin jumps into the little capsule behind the two giant engines.


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts with Anakin getting ready to test his pod, and ends with Qui-Gon getting ready to test Anakin's blood; it's a testy minute.
  • Either Padmé, or Natalie Portman (or some combination thereof) looks genuinely disgusted to have to free Jar Jar's arm.
  • Jar Jar's goofy thumbs up.
    • Not in the script
  • Shmi "smiles sadly".


  • Reference to The Kersh.
  • The power source seems awfully small to power a whole pod, but maybe it's just powering the electronics like in a car.
    • Or maybe their technology is just that advanced.
  • Qui-Gon using generic terminology.
  • Referenced: The 1984 Slade album "Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply".
  • The dropped storyline of tensions between the Naboo and the Gungans.
  • Referenced: Boonta Eve, Ric Olié exposition.
  • Midi-chlorians talk (to be continued in more detail next week).
 Tony's Phantom Menace memories
  He took a day off work to stand in line to buy tickets.
  He saw it opening day, but not a midnight showing; he went at a reasonable hour.
  Thought it was cool overall the first time he saw it, though there were moments he didn't like, such as the two-headed announcer.
  His friend put the fear in his head that they would use a modern rock soundtrack, rather than the orchestral score of the Original Trilogy.
  Saw it 3 times, and then once in 3D. He was disappointed by the 3D.

Meta Minute


  • Pete: ...we analyze, scrutinize, and "here use this power suppl-ize"...
  • Pete: (singing) "Somewhere out there, some nerd is screaming." That's not a song. Alex: It is now.
  • Tony: The GIF that keeps on giving.
  • Pete: It's perfectly regal.
  • Alex: (Facetiously) There's a podrace scene coming up? Well I hope it's short at least.


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