Last Jedi Minute 39: A Wet Cry

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March 25th, 2021


Rose Tico is here to make sure guest commentators Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman & Patrick Cotnoir don’t run off with one of our escape pods!


Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman, and Patrick Cotnoir



  • Starts with Vice admiral Holdo telling Poe to go to his post, and ends with Finn wanting to go, but telling Rose hello.


  • Finn abandoning his post.
    • Characters in Star Wars (e.g. Han Solo) who do not want to be in a Star Wars adventure. Mentioned: I'm just so sick of all these star wars.
      • See also: Captain "negative" Panaka. It adds to the relatability of Star Wars, since we'd be completely terrified if we were transplanted into these movies. The character of Luke also tried and failed, and no longer wants to be in Star Wars.
      • When Finn picks up the lightsaber, we expect that he's going to thrive, but instead he does as well as we would probably do with no training.
        • This is his arc in the first two movies in the trilogy, but in Rise of Skywalker he has finally arrived as a Star Wars hero.
    • Finn is literally and figuratively cloaked in other peoples' ideas while still trying to find himself. When he does eventually find himself it isn't satisfying.

Meet Rose

  • When she's introduced to the world, she's ugly-crying.
  • Kelly Marie Tran comes from a comedy and improv background.
    • People that Griffin and Connor know auditioned for the role.
    • Being thrown into the Star Wars machinery.
      • Even if you're well-known prior to being in Star Wars, once you appear in one, it's the thing you're most remembered for.
        • Harrison Ford is kind of an exception. Or Frank Oz.
    • Tran's (limited) filmography prior to this movie.
      • The time when Facebook decided it was going to make TV shows. Mentioned: Seeso.
    • The argument that this role was 'forced diversity' doesn't hold up as most of the people that Griffin and Connor know that got far in the audition process were Caucasian.
      • People who dislike the way Luke turned out and miss the old Luke are ignoring that Rose is that character now.
    • Rose is very heart-on-her-sleeve and people are uncomfortable with that.
    • Who is the first person to openly weep in Star Wars (in release order)? [Spoilers] Malakili
    • Our favorite on-screen cries.

Other Notes

Meta Minute

  • 35:07 podcast episode length.
  • Griffin lays his money down that when they do the "In Memoriam" for Frank Oz, they'll play a Yoda clip rather than a Muppet clip.


  • Alex: Crying meat rose.
  • Griffin: …I've never lost money betting that the Oscars don't know what they're doing.
  • Connor: …but it's hard to tell with Chewbacca if it's a wet cry or a dry cry because he's so absorbent!
  • Pete: You know what they say: "No Fudd, no tunes."


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