Last Jedi Minute 70: Time for Flatcakes

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May 7th, 2021


Guest commentator Tony Consiglio bids a fond farewell to the feral fanthiers of Canto Bight and their friends, Finn & Rose!


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with the CBMP (Canto Bight Mounted Police) chasing Rose and Finn through the fields, ends with what looks like Rose and Finn getting abducted by aliens.


  • The shot that starts this minute is reminiscent of the original Planet of the Apes when they're chasing them through the fields. Mentioned: Field of Dreams.
  • The fathiers have no problem smashing through windows and buildings, but they stopped dead at the edge of a cliff. They should jump right off, lemming-style (but see below).
  • The 'zoom down the cliff' shot is an artifact of this movie being released in 3D. Referenced: the Hall of <Prophesies> from Harry Potter.
    • It feels a little like the famous Jaws shot (dolly-in zoom-out).
  • Alex assumed at this point the fathiers would have revealed themselves to be sentient and speaking. Or like the Frog Prince when Rose removes the saddle.
  • We have two years to figure out why the horse stampede on a spaceship from Rise of Skywalker was not fathiers.
  • Rose just sets them all free. It's very irresponsible to just set a bunch of captive animals loose and assume they're going to be okay.
    • They're not native to this planet.
    • And most likely they'll just be recaptured immediately.
    • Mentioned: There's always a bigger fish, the OPC killer.
    • Pointedly they don't also free the kids.
  • Movie cop dialogue: things a real police officer would never be caught dead saying.
    • We get that the Canto Bight police are sort of ornamental, but you'd think that the real police would get involved by this point. Maybe they don't have jurisdiction here. Referenced: the Dukes of Hazard and crossing the county line.
  • It's been 14 minutes of movie time for Finn to go from "this place is great!" to "Yeah I'm glad we smashed up that town!" He's still establishing his personality so he goes along with whomever is helping him at that moment. Mentioned: Super-Adaptoid, Zelig.

Horse facts

  • There are currently 10 million horses in the US. Does that include wild horses (note: see below)?
  • 1.5 million people are employed by the horse racing industry. Meadow notes How many horses belong to the horse racing industry any given time? Meta notes how many zebras are there in america? Pete Google it, and there are over 2400 zoos in America (depending on how you count it). In 2014 there were an estimated 3,000 privately held zebras in america. Better notes what's the estimated zero population of africa? Mentioned: thanks david. Meta notes why haven't zebras been more widely domesticated?
  • Only 1% of Americans list horse racing as their favorite sport. It is behind swimming and track and field.
  • Experts put the decline of horse racing up to three factors: 1) animal cruelty, 2) gambling is more widely legal and available than it was in horse racing's heyday, and 3) the land taken up by horse racing tracks is just too valuable to keep as a track and remain financially viable.
    • For example, the New York Islanders are building their new arena on the site of the old Belmont horse racing track.
  • Horse racing is a 10 billion dollar a year industry.

Other notes

  • The Wookieepedia article for Ubbla marlboro's pet the Jacoon is entirely useless. Mentioned the Last Jedi species number 25 from the Canto Bight alien blog.
  • Final fathier name report and some rejected from Pete's List names as well: Imperial, Distant Star, Shifting Sands, Virtuous Velocity, and the winner is: Time for Flatcakes.
    • The tragic tale of Time for Flatcakes.
    • Flatcakes of course are what the pancake robot was serving to Anakin and Padmé on the freighter.
Alex stayed at the top of the show the cookies were his favorite category of dessert food. The hosts discuss their favorite and least favorite desserts.
 This whole conversation belongs on the weekend edition. Organic plug for
 Alex's favorite cookie is a sandwich cookie like a golden Oreo for example. He also likes Nilla wafers, chocolate chip, fudge wheels, Nutter Butters, Vienna fingers.
 Recall that Pete doesn't really like chocolate. For Pete it's pies and a good cheesecake. Cake is Alex's second favorite category. Ice cream is third, candy is his least favorite category. Entenmann's chewy chocolate chip walnut fudge-dipped cookies. Tony ate them by the box. Pete may be lactose intolerant because he can't eat ice cream. Tony goes nuts for donuts.
 Every single time Tony visits his mother she makes him a traditional Italian cake.

Meta Minute

  • 38:23 podcast episode length.
  • The Toco-designed tee-shirt that Alex is wearing is available at Tony's Teepublic store.
  • The idea that lemmings commit mass suicide by leaping off cliffs is a very common misconception that is ridiculously untrue. Unfortunately, the footage of lemmings hurling themselves off a cliff captured for the 1958 documentary White Wilderness was staged, and was actually footage of truckloads of imported lemmings being thrown off the cliff by the film's producers.
    • Coincidentally, the film (which won the Academy Award for best documentary) was also produced by Disney.
  • This is the 3rd of Tony's appearances where Rumspringa is mentioned.
See also:
  • As of March 1st, 2022, the US Bureau of Land Management has calculated that there are 64,604 wild horses and a further 17,780 wild burros roaming America.
    • According to, in 2017, 17% of horses owned in America were racing horses, compared to the 43% that were recreational horses.


  • Pete: ...Analyze scrutinize and free rides.
  • Pete: [...] analyze scrutinize and "tie my tie".
  • Pete: You know what they say, "if it's Canto Bight, it's gotta be night."
  • Alex: They [the fathiers] were too dumb to live. After years of inbreeding.
  • Pete: "Fathier Rumspringa." Alex: The bounty hunter.
  • Pete: Not to beat a dead fathier...
  • Alex: 'Juicy Horse': for people who can't afford Grade A gum.
  • Pete: Keep an eye out, Alex and I are going to show up on a zebra soon.


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