Empire Minute 107: Why Not?

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Hamilton Beach 4 quart capacity 68330 ice cream maker, or memory bank?


June 10th, 2014


Leia, Lando, Chewie and the droids come round a corner and head for the door to the landing platform.


John Skrzypek



  • Starts with Luke looking down from the platform outside the structure and ends with R2 opening the door to platform 327.


  • Hopefully the first stormtrooper that gets blasted by Leia is the same stormtrooper that stunned Leia at the start of Star Wars. If so, it is very sudden and abrupt payback.
  • These stormtroopers are definitely related to the stormtroopers from the Death Star? They're like lemmings.
  • Perhaps the Death Star explosion forced the Empire to promote a whole heap of stormtroopers that weren't ready for close combat.
  • Stormtrooper armor is hard to see through and doesn't resist blaster bolts. It is close to useless.
  • Leia and the gang duck into an elevator. The hosts imagine a funny scene when they're all riding in the elevator and standing there waiting for it to get back to their floor.
  • The elevators represent more tubes on Cloud City - which John loves.
  • Cloud City is definitely John's favorite location. He would stay at a Cloud City-themed hotel or assisted living facility.
  • Various jobs on Cloud City.
  • Where does the door that R2 and Lando are standing at go?
  • Are all astromech droids able to override the security systems on Cloud City? Lando gave R2 a code that worked even though his code doesn't.
  • People should get electrocuted whenever they get their passwords wrong.
  • Who changed all the codes? It must have been Lobot as he is entirely neutral in the fight.
  • Lobot's laws of operation.
  • What is Lobot's role in this sequence. Is he leading the stormtroopers?
  • The Cloud City microphone is like a spark plug attached to a meat thermometer - and Lando puts it back in its place.
    • The panel is open so can anyone use the microphone?
    • Pete's Forbidden Planet hi-jinks included using the store's intercom to make announcements in Lando's voice.
  • Lando is cool, responsible and smooth in making the announcement.
  • Does Lando go back to live in Cloud City at the end of all this? No - he ends up with the Rebellion and then maybe the government.
  • The Expanded Universe background of Lando.
  • Lobot leads the bureaucracy on Cloud City and Lando is the figurehead.
  • Lando has a watch and the evacuation activation device. Their interfaces seem very simple to use. Maybe you just talk into them but Lando doesn't know that.
  • John floats the idea of a Lobot app with the watch interface. You press it at random and it cuts to a scene of Lobot opening his eyes.
    • Or the app is like a Tamagotchi and you have to keep Lobot alive.
  • There is more slapstick R2 / Jar Jar-style comedy in this sequence.
    • R2 might still be full of swamp water - how can he not tell a power socket from a USB slot?
  • Cloud City definitely has bidets in the bathrooms.
  • In the evacuation, is it the Norwegian Army that runs through (like in the Hoth scenes of the movie)?

About Mr. Willrow Hood

  • People are obsessed by him and he is a Star Wars cult figure.
  • He is the gentleman wearing an orange jumpsuit.
  • He works for the gas company and is supposedly carrying the memory bank of a computer.
  • He's actually carrying a Sears ice-cream maker from Earth.
  • Luke also had this item on Dagobah.
  • The Sears ice-cream maker came in a variety of different colors.
  • This was not really noticed until the movie came out on DVD.
  • A Star Wars card was released; the character then got a back-story and name.
  • Hasbro eventually released a Willrow Hood action figure.
  • He is a loyal company guy that wanted to make sure that the computer memory core was not lost - he is a good guy.
  • Or he's worried about someone seeing his browsing history.

Other notes

  • Is this the first time that the general populace of Cloud City was aware of Imperial forces being present?
    • They had probably noticed but didn't understand what it meant or what was going on.
  • This scene is a parallel of the scene in Star Wars in which the heroes are escaping from the Death Star—just without Luke and Han.
    • Luke is fighting Vader this time; Obi-Wan was fighting him in Star Wars.
    • Luke couldn't just be "destroyed" like Obi-Wan was as that would be a re-hash of the plot.
  • Force ghosts being added at the end of every battle in which a Jedi dies - including a George Lucas Force ghost.
  • Will Episode 7 include obscure references to the original trilogy? Pete thinks this would be an ok movie.
  • An imagined obscure scene from Episode 7 involving Willrow Hood.

Meta Minute

  • 24:31 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open - 8-DAY-GREEDO calls re: Willrow Hood, the ice-cream maker (also used as a gray painted prop on Dagobah) and the importance of ice-cream in the Star Wars universe.
  • You can download a 3D model of Lando's comlink from this Star Wars cosumes and props forum.


  • John: And my name is John and I'm from 'My Name Is John'.
  • Alex: ...but the email password has been changed so putting in LANDO69 would not activate the door. Pete: How'd you know my password?
  • Pete: ...'cause I'm picturing Loubot...Loubot? John: <In 'New York' accent> Hey, I'm Loubot - how ya doing?
  • Pete: <Pete and Alex impersonate people using the Cloud City microphone> Attention, attention. Lando's a doo-doo-head, Lando's a doo-doo-head. Alex: Attention - agh, everyone should...YOU SUCK!
  • John: <Impersonating George Lucas> Why not? C'mon - it's fun; everyone likes it. I'm George Lucas.



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