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There are several key Star Wars movie locations referred to in SWM that almost have a life and story of their own. If "home is where the heart is" then these locations are certainly where SWM's heart really lays.


The spiritual home of SWM. We all wish we could visit this planet and stay for a while - apart from the heat and no water thing!

The Death Star

A really awesome place and an engineering marvel. So many mysteries and questions to explore. Another great place to visit, except for the "blowing up" bit.

The Pol Treidum Memorial Control Room

This is where you could find the fabulous Pol Treidum on The Death Star any given day and it's definitely where the podcast would be recorded if this was possible.

Themed hotel / hotel rooms

The SWM hosts have identified many locations that would make a good theme for a hotel or hotel room. Examples include:

  • Cloud City (above Bespin ESB 86).
  • The Lars Homestead on Tatooine (which is already a real hotel in Tunisia ESB 86).
  • The Trash Compactor - although this is more of a theme park ride (ESB 86).
  • The Detention level (ESB 86).
  • The Falcon - it is like the ultimate Winnebago (ESB 86).
  • Dagobah - although the hosts would NOT stay there (ESB 86).
  • The Lobot room - with Lobot as the concierge (ESB 89).
  • Naboo/Theed.

Pete has also identified the tubes that Luke falls through on Cloud City as being perfect for a themed water-slide (ESB 112).


A swampy planet that is home to a little green frog man known as Yoda (or Minch).

Luke spends time there (a few hours / three months - we're not sure) and everyone learns something.

Dagobah is actually a beautiful and sunny planet; it is just Yoda's area that is a mess due to all of his bodily waste.

Bridges of various Star Destroyers

These are like mini command centers for the Empire and there is always a lot of drama happening on the bridges.

From ducking to avoid swooping spaceships, to regular chokings for poor performance, to visits from bounty hunter scum there is always something going on.

And, if you're lucky, you might even see Vader prowling around.

The cockpit of the Millennium Falcon

This is one of the most iconic sets in all of sci-fi - right up there with the bridge of the Enterprise in Star Trek.

Every main character has spent some time in the cockpit and have flown the spaceship from there with varying degrees of success.

Of course, it is really Han's and Chewbacca's domain and they use it like artists.

Also, Han can dim the lighting in the cockpit when he is showing a lady his various skills.

Cloud City on Bespin

The beautiful city among the clouds (or farts) that is the scene of the crucial third act of ESB.

Lando Calrissian is the Administrator of Cloud City, ably assisted by Lobot, and will do whatever is necessary to keep the city safe and its future secure.

Think of Cloud City as a large Cruise Liner floating through the sky - with its bright lighting and art-deco style. Lets hope it never sinks.

Cloud City is also the home of Willrow Hood; but that is another story.

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