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On January 1st, 2017, the Wiki hit a major landmark: 500 pages. In honor of this achievement, a weeklong series of polls was held on the Star Wars Minute Listener's Society Facebook page to receive input from listeners on new entries for the Wiki. The goal was to tailor the Wiki entries to better fit the lore of the STAR WARS MINUTE and to increase visibility of the hard work done by the Wiki Team.

# Prompt Options Votes
Indicates the option was chosen as a winner in the poll
1 We know that in Star Wars canon, Oola was eaten by the Rancor, but what do you think really happened?
Should it be SWM-canon that Oola turned into a frog?
Yes, and Jabba the Hutt ate her. (27)
No...that's not true... that's impossible! (26)
SWM what now? (1)
Yes, but she escaped to dance another day.




2 We'd like to induct another character into our official SWM Characters "hall of fame".
But who deserves that honor the most?
Ric Olié. He's a character from Star Wars. (73)
Lobot. He captured our hearts with just a couple of glances and some music stings. (Honorable Mention) (28)
Dak. He could've taken on the whole Empire by himself if Luke hadn't killed him. (Honorable Mention) (14)
Pol Treidum. We lost him in 2016 (Honorable Mention) (10)
Dexter Jettster. He knows a thing or two about Kamino sabre darts. (9)
Captain 'Pessimism' Panaka (3)
Greedo. Getting shot in the chest was just a minor setback. (0)
SWM Characters? I've never heard of such an animal. (0)
3 You're probably familiar with our Running Jokes/Quotes page. We're always on the lookout for new additions.
How do you feel about these options?
"You'll be dead!" (Disqualified, already featured) (62)
"I care" (29)
David, David, David... (16)
"Mehhh, it's a living!" (15)
"I don't like sand" (3)
"Investigation is implied in our mandate" (Disqualified, already featured) (1)
Womp rats? (1)
4 "It takes a village to 'science fiction' a saga"
Who else should be honored on our "Unsung Heroes" page?
Denis Muren: Special effects artisan. (17)
Richard Marquand: Director, ROTJ. (12)
Frank Oz. (9)
Rick "Creature Maker" Baker. (8)
Richard Chew and Paul Hirsch, Editors of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. (5)
John Mollo, costume designer (5)
Phil Tippett: I can't believe he doesn't have an entry yet (4)
Joe Johnston (2)
Robert Watts: Producer, ROTJ (0)
5 Did you know there was a Star Wars Minute Drinking Game?

Right now it involves having a drink every couple weeks or so since there aren't enough rules. For the final poll of the extravaganza, we thought we'd come up with some new ones.
Drink every time...

Alex repeats, with careful enunciation, information which Pete has just provided. (30)
"Long time" or "TOO OLD" gets mentioned and repeated. (23)
Alex does his Alec Guinness impression. (14)
Someone says "Wrong Show". (9)
Alex is hungry (e.g. "battered Luke Skywalker" mmmm). (7)
(Alex says "people hate when we talk about the toys" (Disqualified, already part of the drinking game). (6)
Pete says "Massassay" or "Sasse Tin". (5)
Someone (usually Pete) makes an awkward segue. (4)
94. (3)
Whenever anyone says "Star Wars". (2)
When Pete likes something about the Prequels. (1)
Recalling a Superman cast member. (1)
The hosts go on an epic tangent. (1)

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