Attack of the Clones Minute 90: The Physicality of the Dashboard

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March 17th, 2017


The hologram switches off. PADMÉ is looking at the readout on the ship's control panel.


Tony Thaxton



  • An hour and a half into the movie!
  • Starts with Mace telling Anakin that they will handle Dooku, and ends with the Naboobian yacht taking off for Geonosis.
  • Parsecs mentioned.
  • Threepio goes from standing to seated.


  • Referenced: The boy who cried wolf, Slash, Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back".
  • Things Pete loves likes: the physicality of the dashboard. Tony hates dislikes it, and Alex is neutral.
  • Padmé and Anakin's characterization is switched: she wants to rush off to break the rules and save Obi-Wan and Anakin wants to follow orders.
    • The ghost of the love triangle.
    • Padmé is very manipulative towards Anakin and takes advantage of things that he revealed to her. There could be more of a sinister side to her character, but it's not really explored.
  • "If he's still alive". Mentioned: Matt Gourley.
  • The cut scene where Padmé "puts the skin on" C-3PO. Referenced: Silence of the Lambs.
  • When your parents send you stuff from your old room (long after you've moved out) just so they can get rid of it.
  • Why C-3PO has a different skin in this movie, vs. being naked or being gold (in- and out-of-universe explanations). He changes parts a lot.
  • What kind of droid would you get? Tony says an astromech droid, but you wouldn't be able to understand it.
  • Mentioned: B'omarr monks. Jabba sharing a habitat with the monks.
  • Tony has covered 5 Lucas-era films, 1 to go!
  • Support the Show on social media. 8-DAY-GREEDO has been acting up (thanks Google), and so Pete hasn't run that many calls this season, but there's still time so try it and see what happens!. Short and funny (think: Danny DeVito) is the best way to get on the show.
  • Referenced: Alphabeatical.

Meta Minute

  • 28:25 podcast episode length.
  • This is a backslash: \ whereas this is a forward slash: /. You can tell the difference by which way the top part of the slash points.
  • The halfway point of this movie was (thankfully) back in minute 72, and we're actually coming up on the ⅔ point in just a couple minutes.
  • Since that scene of Padmé finishing C-3PO's coverings was deleted, it is no longer Canon. In the Canon, it was Shmi that did his gray plating. He later got upgraded to gold plating when he started working for the office of Senator Amidala. Between that time and Star Wars is when his leg got mismatched (silver) plating. This was discussed during Minute 23 of Star Wars and again in minute 25.
  • When Pete says "we gotta stop doing that" he is referencing the time he killed Tom Petty.


  • Pete: ...analyze, scrutinize, and the first time C-3PO flies...
  • Pete: Dangerous and disturbing, this Padmé is.
  • Tony: This is all hurting my brain more than it should.
  • Pete: We got a big antipast' here, nobody's going to help us eat this?
  • Alex: It seems like the last thing you'd want in a room full of people on heavy drugs is giant mechanical spiders with [...] exposed brains crawling around.
  • Tony, then Alex, and lastly Pete: (as if they were closing the show) Star Waaars movie.
  • Alex: Why do people have to change stuff all the time? It sucks.
  • Tony: Thank Danny DeVito.


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