Attack of the Clones Minute 96: We Should Probably Explain That

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March 27th, 2017


The Naboo Starship heads toward the rings of Geonosis.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with Mace surmising that "It is done", and ends with Padmé telling Anakin to follow her lead.
  • This scene (with Sam Windu and the Puppet) was not in the script.


  • The acting prowess of Jackson and Portman outside of these movies. Jackson acts better when he can use contractions.
  • The Senate chamber. The sound design is lacking. Reference to the Nazi Nuremberg rally (1934).
    • The strongest part of the Prequels is the visual design elements.
  • Instead of this scene with Mace and Yoda, the script has Palpatine's acceptance speech.
    • More scenes that were not in the script coming up this week.
      • The further into the movie you get, the more the finished product varies from the original script.
    • They "needed" a scene where Yoda explains what he's going to do so we don't have to wonder how he got the Clones later (Spoilers). Lucas doesn't shy away from saying "we should probably explain that."
      • It's a shame we don't get to see Yoda meet the Cloners of Kamino.
  • Padmé goes full Ric Olié. He's probably the one that taught her to fly.
  • When going to visit a planet in Star Wars, how do you know where you're meant to land so that you're always right near the action?
  • Padmé (vs. Rey) as a "Mary Sue" character (note: see below).
    • Referenced: Leslie Knope from "Parks and Rec".
    • In the Original Trilogy, they had to find a pilot (like flying a ship was hard to do), but now Padmé can do it no problem.
  • Discussion of cut dialog.
  • The effects of the humidity.
    • All planets in Star Wars are more or less comfortable for humans.
  • What does Geonosis smell like?
    • Krispy Kreme
    • Subway (restaurant).
    • Ham air.

Meta Minute

  • 27:40 podcast episode length.
  • Although never appearing in Shakespeare, Sam Jackson majored in Drama and was a stage actor during the mid 70s and 80s (Wikipedia:Samuel L. Jackson#Career).
  • Yoda escapes from Kashyyyk in a tiny Yoda-sized space ship. Presumably this is his ship since no one else would fit.

Mary Sues

  • A character is considered a "Mary Sue" if they are unnaturally good at too many things and it takes you out of the story. This is often done as an author insertion/wish fulfillment character. However, there are unfortunate connotations with gender bias, as this claim is more often leveled at female characters than male (thus the gender of the name 'Mary') and so it's probably best if we stop using it altogether. Notably, following the release of The Force Awakens, the main protagonist Rey was identified by critics as a Mary Sue, though the argument can be made that all of her extraordinary abilities and talents are explainable without having to invoke this argument.

Other Meta Notes


  • Pete: Me and the Puppet are just gonna freeball for a bit.
  • Josh: You [Alex] just "well actually'd" me on a completely made up thing! [...] That's, like, three levels of nerd.


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