Attack of the Clones Minute 81: Aggressively Emotive

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March 6th, 2017


ANAKIN stands outside the hut door. His face is a grim mask. The CHILD stares, then there is a FLASH OF LIGHT as Anakin's lightsaber switches on.


Paul Scheer



  • Starts with Shmi's head flopping back in death and ends with Mace Windu entering the room entering a completely different room.
  • Unusual wipe from Tatooine to Yoda's office.
  • Female native Tatooiners.


  • Paul promises not to eat any sandwiches this time.
  • The Phantom Menace poster of Anakin with Darth Vader's shadow.
  • Hayden is playing to the back row; it's the James Dean school of acting.
  • Who might have done a better job in this role.
  • Actors who escape from Star Wars with charisma intact.
  • Seeing the future through the Force doesn't ever help anything.
  • Yoda playing Force voicemails. He's experiencing time out of sync. Mentioned Arrival (2016).
  • George Lucas as a filmmaker vs. as a director. He pushed the technical achievement envelope without advancing his "actor directing".
    • Bruce Willis not understanding why people like Die Hard. Mentioned: Indiana Jones.
  • The Star Wars first story treatment. Lucas needs collaborators.
  • "Computer assistance" in every frame of the movie.
  • Wipes in Star Wars.
  • There is a good movie somewhere within all three Prequels.
  • Mentioned: Bernard Herman and Hitchcock.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute


  • Pete: Like "here, I made a cake, help me with the frosting" vs. like "hey, help me make a cake".


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