Empire Minute 86: More Mushy Bits

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You want original recipe or extra crispy?


May 12th, 2014


Within the quarters assigned her on Cloud City, Leia paces in agitation. She has changed from her cold-weather pants and jacket to a lovely dress. Her hair is down, tied back with ribbons. She moves from a large, open window and turns to see Han entering through the doorway.


Jeff Ayers



  • Starts with Han walking into the room reporting that everything is fine; ends with Chewbacca walking into the room with various C-3PO parts in a bucket.
  • The first appearance of Leia's Bespin outfit.
    • Leia is wearing a color other than white for the first time in the movie.


  • Bespin Leia.
    • Jeff and his brother never had the Bespin Leia action figure.
    • The clothes worn by our heroes in Star Wars are way ahead of their time but way behind our time.
    • Leia's Bespin outfit is a Maude Findlay type of outfit.
    • Her braided hair looks fantastic - Bespin Leia is Jeff's "favorite Leia".
    • People rarely cosplay as Bespin Leia; SWM listeners should do this from now on.
  • Leia must have bought this outfit in Cloud City as she wasn't expecting to be there.
    • or Han has closets full of women's outfits on the Falcon for ladies (or him!) to wear.
  • There should have been a musical montage of Leia trying on outfits.
    • This would have given them at least half a dozen more Leia action figures to sell.
    • The Pixar Cars franchise is famous for doing this with their characters.
  • The Twin-Pod cloud car was Jeff's favorite toy. He didn't even have one, let alone two, pilot action figures.
    • Do Twin-Pod cloud car pilots actually have to be twins?
    • Han is really mellow and cool in the Cloud City sequence - maybe the air is thinner up there.
    • Cloud City is a perfect setting for Han.
  • The white rooms on Cloud City must get really dirty.
  • Why aren't there any Star Wars-themed hotels?
    • Owen's and Beru's house is a real place in Tunisia and is a hotel.
    • What Star Wars themed hotels would the hosts stay in?
      • Trash compactor - although this is more of a theme park ride.
      • Detention level.
      • NOT the Dagobah room.
      • The Falcon - it is like the ultimate Winnebago.
  • Han doesn't trust Lando either. Does he trust Luke and Leia? He definitely doesn't trust BoShek.
  • Lando is Corellian - the same as Han.
    • Lando dresses in Han's clothes on the Falcon. Maybe they were his clothes in the first place.
    • Han is actually being Lando not the other way around.
    • Han should have started wearing a cape - maybe he will in Episode 7.
  • Leia is upset that Han will be leaving forever once he drops them off. Can't he just drop-off the money and fly back?
    • Han is trying to get out of his relationship with Leia.
    • Pete can't remember this dialogue in the move from when he was a kid.
    • A make out scene between Han and Leia in this sequence was removed from the movie. Lawrence Kasdan was upset that this didn't make it into the final cut.
    • Jeff didn't want anymore mushy bits in the movie.
  • Chewbacca versus the ugnaughts.
    • There are various droids in the background of the scene - no CZ-3 but there is an IG-88, 4-LOM and a Treadwell variant with spider arms.
    • Why is there an (or THE) IG-88 in this room? Was he trying to get Han?
  • The ugnaughts and this scene are both short.
    • Chewbacca should have been more vicious with the ugnaughts (i.e. ripped their arms off).
    • Perhaps the ugnaughts are more important in the Star Wars universe than we realised.
    • The ugnaughts all wear different shirts and aprons.
    • Ugnaughts go between comical and sinister characters.
  • The furnace is just sound effects and orange and teal lighting. Cloud City is all lit very nicely.
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Meta Minute

  • 21:26 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: I gotta come up with a new look. We [Han and Lando] look like twins, it's ridiculous! We're going to be driving a cloud car next!
  • Pete: Hey buddy, it's not the Clone-Pod cloud car - it's the Twin-Pod cloud car.
  • Alex: How come no-one is talking about their feelings? Except Luke.
  • Pete: It was IG-Whitey-White.
  • Alex: He's going to file a grievance. Pete: Did you say that he's going to file a Grievous?



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