Empire Minute 8: Deck Officer!

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Taun Taun autopsy.jpg


January 22nd, 2014


Han abruptly puts his hand over Threepio's mouth as the deck officer approaches.


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with C-3PO wandering into the hangar, arguing with R2-D2 and looking for Han Solo to tell him something; ends with Han walking around and wondering what happened to Luke.
  • First time we see the back of the Millennium Falcon.
  • First appearance of 2-1B. He is inspecting some dead tauntauns (this links to the deleted Wampa storyline - see below).
  • First appearance of Maj. Bren Derlin (in the tauntaun autopsy scene).
    • Played by John Ratzenberger.


  • C-3PO tells R2 to switch-off - this must be offensive to droids.
  • Han should have told Chewbacca that they were leaving sooner, like before he started saying goodbye to everyone on the base.
  • Han yells at Chewbacca - AGAIN! He was probably angry about the whole Leia thing. Especially since he wore his best clothes to speak to Leia and they had no impact on her.
  • Clothes may be in short supply in the Star Wars universe; this may explain why C-3PO was so worried about what happened to Leia's clothes (from the previous minute).
  • Han stops C-3PO from speaking by putting his hand over C-3PO's mouth-hole. How does this work exactly? Like a mute button?
  • What does Han's "why not" response to C-3PO's question mean?
    • Han being funny by not replying to, or caring about, what C-3PO asked.
    • Han wondering why Luke hasn't checked in yet (i.e. "Why not?").
  • C-3PO's question is strange because he is the only one with all of the information at this stage. Possibly something to do with his programming.
  • Origin of the Deck Officer running joke:
    • Pete quoted this line, and called it out, all of the time as a kid.

Deleted Wampa storyline

Wampa subplot1.jpeg
  • Wampas are loose on the base killing tauntauns.
  • Jackie says that this makes sense as something had to live in the caves before the Rebels moved in.
  • Alex says that this storyline seems nonsensical - having creatures running around attacking things.
  • Pete agrees and says that it is an unnecessary tension device and sounds like something out of a horror movie, not a sci-fi movie.
  • (Note - Pete and Alex's description and discussion of this storyline:
    • Makes it sound like the scene in TFA whereby the Rathtars escape and start attacking things on Han and Chewie's spaceship.
    • Very closely reflects their comments on the value of this scene in TFA.)

Other notes

  • The hosts discuss whether they would want to own a C-3PO and / or an R2-D2 and / or a 2-1B. Opinions are divided.
  • All of the dialogue and line readings in this scene are weird.
  • Han is hypocritical with the Deck Officer in this minute; he's probably still angry about his fight with Leia.

Meta Minute

  • 13:47 podcast episode length.
  • Jackie's phone rings again; the same as "yesterday". She ultimately turns it off.
  • One of the stuntmen to portray a wampa, Terry Richards, is better known as the Arab swordsman shot by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.


  • Jackie: In regards to Leia "...her bank accounts blow up on Alderaan." ... Alex: "They tried to keep it [their money] in The First Bank of Hoth but all their assets were frozen."
  • Jackie: In regards to the Wampas:
    • Willy Wampas.
    • Oompa Loompa Wampa Rats.
  • Alex: Am I going to walk around in my underpants in front of C-3PO?
  • Pete: (As the Deck Officer) <sullenly> "Why am I supposed to know where Luke is? I'm not the boss of him."



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