Jedi Minute 40: Racehorse

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February 27th, 2015


Luke is sitting in a corner of the cramped space and, indeed, his look has been woeful.


Jenny Jaffe



  • Starts with Yoda and Luke in the hut.
  • Ends with Yoda saying "strong am I with the Force".


  • A spin-off show called 'Welcome Back Jedi" in which Luke trains a bunch of sweathog Jedi.
  • Mentioned: SNL skit - "Welcome Back Potter" (Harry Potter).
  • Yoda looks old - but just as old as he looked in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Yoda's 900th birthday party and why Luke wasn't invited.
  • Yoda seems to deteriorate and die very quickly. Maybe he was holding on for Luke.
  • The quality of the puppet and puppetry in this sequence.
  • Mark Hamill taking the Yoda puppet around with him to pick-up girls.
    • Maybe the Yoda puppet was in the car when he had his accident.
  • This scene between Luke and Yoda is quite flat and stilted. The quality of Mark Hamill's physical acting and the direction.
  • Mentioned and discussed: ALF.
  • Why does Yoda wear clothes given that he hangs out by himself all the time? Dagobah as a nudist colony.
    • Referenced: Borat.
  • Aliens wearing clothes in the Star Wars universe.
  • Naked Yoda. He may be a "Never Nude".
  • Yoda as a frog and the offspring of Kermit and Miss Piggy.


  • Very little is known about Yoda's race/species.
  • The female Yoda called Yaddle.
  • Mentioned: Spock, Vulcans and Star Trek.
  • Living trying to please your teenage self is a mistake.
  • The shadows in this scene make it look more interesting than a CGI version would. Various ways they could have done this scene using CGI.
  • Yoda may originate from a planet of Muppets led by Frank Oz.
  • Yoda seems very upset to be dying for a 900-year-old.
  • How may Jedi have become Force ghosts? Qui-Gon Jinn is the first Jedi to become a Force ghost. This was almost an afterthought in the Prequels.
  • Yoda says "soon I will rest yes" - which sounds like the name of a racehorse or Bounty Hunter.
  • How racehorses are named irl.
 Jenny's story about her boyfriend.
 He showed Jenny Admiral Ackbar videos that Asterios Kokkinos made.
 The videos are some of Jenny's favorite videos on the Internet.
 Admiral Ackbar is very pre-occupied by traps and is a bad on-screen presence.
 She thinks it was a test by her boyfriend before things went any further.
 The Admiral Ackbar videos should be more widely known.
 He also showed her Godzilla remixes.
 Jenny showed him the short film "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" - also a good name for a racehorse.
 He liked the video.
  • There's a lot of Yoda lying down in this minute and all of next week.
  • A lot of Star Wars is watching people taking meetings.
  • The concept of C-3PO-SPAN (like C-SPAN but for Star Wars).
  • What C-3PO would look like by now if they never fixed him each time he sustained damage.
  • Mentioned: Galaxy Quest (as the best Star Trek movie).
  • The hosts favorite Star Trek movies. A lot of those movies are really like watching C-SPAN.
  • Equating doing the podcast to being trapped in carbonite.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute

  • 29:06 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - Jordan D. White calls in to confirm that, as discussed in Jedi Minute 10: Worst Message Ever, it is at minute 37 of the movie that his VHS copy cuts to the George Michael, Aretha Franklin song "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me". This music video now gives him very weird flashbacks.
  • ALF aired from September 1986 to March 24, 1990.
  • Alex just happens to be an amazing cartoonist.
  • SWMer Sharon made a bunch of censored images of Star Wars characters in their birthday suits. Alex also did a series of cheesecakey drawings of Star Wars aliens for Patreon supporters.
  • All racehorse names have to be approved by the Jockey Club. Names are often made by combining the names of horse's parents. However, there are lots of rules and guidelines, and a name can't be longer than 18 characters (punctuation and spaces count), so "Soon Will I Rest, Yes" and "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" are both too long [1].
  • There is now a Star Trek Minute which Alex has guested on.


  • Pete: It's our daily podcast in which we analyze, scrutinize, and "look I so old to young eyes" the Star Wars movies one minute at a time.
  • Alex: The Jedi has finally returned.
  • Jenny: (As Mark Hamill) This is my pal, Yoda. You might know him from a little movie called Star Wars.


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