Jedi Minute 102: Lando's Lollipop

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May 26th, 2015


The air is thick with giant ships. In among them, Rebel X-wings dogfight with Imperial TIE fighters. Now an enormous Rebel cruiser is hit by the Death Star beam and is blown to dust.


Myq Kaplan



  • Starts with the Death Star warming up, and ends with Han shooting a guy in the face.
  • Reused footage from Star Wars.
  • New (unnamed) Imperial officer.


  • The potential of having a guest who has not seen the movie being discussed.
  • Myq starts some controversy with his ranking of the movies.
  • Film critics/celebrities, living and dead.
  • Myq's poem:

My brain has the power
'cause it's trapped in a Grayskull
I'm tops like a dradle, I'm sharp like
Attack of the Clones was way dull

  • Rebranding bad-sounding things with a more positive spin. Or the inverse.
  • Referenced: George Carlin: Jammin' in New York.
  • Puppet actors
  • Nien Nunb's horrified face. Somebody make a GIF of this.
    • What the audition must have been like.
  • How the Death Star's main weapon works. Destroying ships vs. destroying whole planets.
    • Can it be aimed? If you missed, never admit that you were busted. "I meant to do that".
  • Watching movies/episodes out of order. Tropes of shows that play in reverse chronological order.
  • The hosts swap humorous stories about people they have known who were missing digits.
  • The cut scenes of extras using the turrets in the Falcon.
  • Admiral Ackbar gesticulating. He should narrate the entire movie this way.
  • Myq's ROTJ toy memories.
Myq has a comedian friend who pretended to be disabled so he could cut the line to see the theatrical re-release of the Original Trilogy.
  • Weird false memories. Mentioned: Total Recall.
  • Myq's action movie genre preferences.
  • Differences between a Star Trek and a Star War. Punching, lightsabers, and time travel.

Meta Minute

  • 44:45 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: buy some Star Wars board games on
  • This episode was the longest regular episode of the show when it first aired, but tomorrow's episode is even longer.
  • Pete, Alex, and Asterios appeared on episode 199 of Hang Out With Me, which aired September 22nd, 2014.
  • In addition to Cmdr. Mamill, Colin Skeaping also played Death Star detention officer Devin Cant.
    • There is no "Colonel Fy'er" but there is a Colonel Dyer in this movie, played by our own Ben Burtt.
  • Rogue One provides us with more detail about the Death Star's main weapon and how it can be used at less than full power.
  • According to Wookieepedia, Death Star II used a lower level blast to destroy capital ships, and was able to recharge in three minutes. To reach planet-destroying levels took considerably longer to recharge.
  • As of August 2018, there is no Inception Minute. Get on it, Internet!
  • On December 14th, 2017, Disney announced that it would be buying 21st Century Fox, which might finally sort out the divisions between different Marvel properties.
  • Myq didn't make it back for Revenge of the Sith Minute, but he will return for a couple episodes of SWM:WE.
  • Post-outro: bloopers from cold open ad-read.


  • Alex: <emphatically> I will die before we have a carbon-based lifeform on the show.
  • Pete: Return of the Jedi is the contractual obligation of the Star Wars trilogy.
  • Alex: Attack of the Clones is like lukewarm water.
  • Myq: I've been working on my Life Star.
  • Pete and then Alex: <dueling Admiral Ackbar impressions>.


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