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The hosts assign listeners various projects from time-to-time—Star Wars-related requests to create or invent certain things. A few of these have been completed and have been posted to the Listener's Society.

In SWM 93 from Pete: "We're putting a lot of demands on the listeners recently."

The projects include, but are not limited to:

  • SWM 90: Dubbing all of Han Solo's iconic lines with "I hope the old man has got the tractor beam out of commission".
  • SWM 91: Subtitling all of Chewbacca's line in English.
  • SWM 93: Editing in tinkling piano music over the Chewbacca at the controls of the Falcon scene in this sequence.
  • SWM 93: Creating a picture of a totally bald Wookiee. (This has been partially completed)
  • SWM 119: Replacing the orchestral score with a synthesized 'sci-fi' version of the same music (for the whole movie!).
  • ESB 1: Researching and reporting back on how Yoda's lines are written in the novelization of ESB. Are they in Yodaese? - Completed
  • ESB 33: Creating a GIF of an AT-AT having its mind blown by a thought. - Completed
  • ESB 34: Creating a video game from the point of view of an AT-AT driver, where the object is simply to mow down fleeing Rebels.
  • ESB 71: Creating a Yoda category for Jeopardy (given that he says everything as a question).
  • ESB 97: Taking a John Lennon / Yoko Ono type photo with Han frozen in carbonite and send the hosts photos ("send photos otherwise it didn't happen").
  • ESB 101: Creating a GIF of C-3PO waving his arms around to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.
  • ESB 104: Creating two carbonite blocks - one of Luke crumpled up at the bottom of the carbon freezing chamber and one empty block after Luke had jumped out of the chamber.
  • ROTJ 46: Add in all the ghost Jedi into the end of Return of the Jedi.
  • ROTJ 50: Make the audition tapes of the other aliens that tried out for the role of Jabba's majordomo and/or the alien leader of the Rebel fleet. Buy some Don Post masks.
  • ROTJ 58: Dub in a heap of different sound effects when Han steps on the twig - Completed.
  • ROTJ 73: Dubbing C-3PO in this movie with Kurtz's dialog from Apocalypse Now.
  • ROTJ 80: Making a video loop of the crickets during the bridge scene as Leia makes a face.
  • ROTJ 82: Dubbing scenes from "Muppet Babies" with Harrison Ford's voice.
  • ROTJ 87: Making a 20-minute music video of "Yakety Face".
  • TPM 86: Adding the Ghostbusters music to the background of this minute.
  • TPM 86: Creating a GIF of Yarael Poof endlessly swaying his neck back and forth - Completed
  • TPM 86: Editing this scene so there is a slow zoom in to Yarael Poof and have the audio fade out - Completed.
  • TPM 89: Replacing Chewbacca's dialog with sound clips of David Lee Roth - Completed.
  • TPM 98: Putting all of Captain Panaka's dialog into one reel (revealing his relentless negativity) - Completed
  • AOTC 3: Death Star bowling balls.
  • AOTC 7: Making a CGI Madame puppet.
  • AOTC 52: Photoshopping and/or making an animated GIF of the guitar guy from Fury Road on the back of an Aiwha.
  • AOTC 52: Editing together all the Obi-Wan on Kamino scenes into a Maltese Falconesque noir film. - Completed
  • SWM:WE 95: Dubbing all of R2-D2's lines with the Dude's lines from The Big Lebowski - Completed
  • You're Getting The "I Love You": Make a supercut of every time someone says "According to Wookieepedia" on the podcast. Only for the most hardcore fans.
  • ROTS 46: Editing 70's live studio audience sitcom sounds over Star Wars clips.

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