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Asterios is a comedian who's written and performed for The Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, National Lampoon, Screen Junkies & His web series, "Admiral Ackbar’s Ads” has been praised by The Huffington Post, College Humor and Playboy. He currently edits the critically acclaimed comics and comedy anthology “The Devastator”. He enjoys Babylon 5, yelling at the TV with his father, and naps.
He's a big fan of the now legendary Ord Mantell. He does a pretty decent Edward James Olmos impression.

Rating of the Star Wars Movies

5, 4, 7, 6, R1, 2, 3, 1

Phantom Menace Number


Web Links




Total Airtime
20 hours, 28 minutes, 14 seconds
Average Episode Length
29 minutes, 57 seconds
Shortest Episode
Empire Minute 16: Super Ghost Squadron (18 minutes, 6 seconds)

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