Star Wars Minute 20: The Wiener Card

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The "corrected" version of the infamous card 207.


June 28th, 2013.


Minute 20: R5-D4 is hauled away, R2-D2 is sold to Owen, and Luke takes the droids home to his garage.


Tricia Allen



  • Starts with the smoking remains of R5-D4 being hauled away to be sold for scrap or repaired and ends with Luke and the droids in Luke's garage. Luke is taking care of R2-D2, C-3PO is in the oil bath, and they're all chatting about where they are and what's going on.
  • "Biggs" is mentioned for the first time.


  • Other references to Biggs (and Tank) in the film.
  • C-3PO goes on about R2-D2's virtues until Luke basically dismisses him.
  • Pete's hypothesis that a series of R2-D2 noises means "Hi (or hello), I'm R2-D2". Who else R2-D2 is introduced to during the movies.
  • Meaning of "Thank the maker": Referring to Darth Vader, a droid religion / deity, a general droid colloquialism, human language patterns or a reference to humanoid belief systems? Alternatively, C-3PO is fishing for general information from Luke.
  • Luke says that if there is bright center of the 'universe' then Tatooine is the furthest from it.
  • The word "Tatooine" is never mentioned in Star Wars. It is said in ESB and ROTJ.
  • Luke's T-16 Skyhopper in the background (it cannot be seen in the scan and pan version of the movie). It is also not parked in the garage in Episode 2 ("Sorry Pete").
  • Luke is a dork, sitting next to his car (the Skyhopper) while playing with a model of his car.
  • Topps' infamous C-3PO trading card based on a camera shot from this minute.
  • Luke Skywalker vs Han Solo: Who's more crushable? Which of the two characters do viewers identity with? Comparison of character arcs and traits throughout the original trilogy.

Meta Minute

  • According to io9, the so-called wiener card was an accident and not the work of a disgruntled artist.
  • Tricia's 4-year-old daughter loved Ewoks when she watched their part of ROTJ.
  • Thanks to Tricia for the week. Tricia would most like to come back for Han's "we're all fine here" scene (see SWM 74).


  • Alex: Not that anyone is going to watch the Prequels again.
  • Alex: I'm already cringing... We can't do Return of the Jedi Minute because I cannot spend 4 weeks talking about Ewoks.
  • Pete: Every man's struggle deep inside is his battle with his inner Luke and his inner Han.


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