Empire Minute 15: Not a Licensed Jedi

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"Ages 4 and up"? Are we sure about that??


January 31st, 2014


Han ignites Luke's saber and cuts the beast from head to toe. He quickly tosses its steaming innards into the snow, then lifts Luke's inert form and stuffs him inside the carcass.


Josh Flanagan



  • Han uses Luke's lightsaber.
  • The sound effect of cutting open the Tauntaun is neat. Combination of liquid nitrogen freezing things and mud slopping around on wet pavement.
  • Beautiful crane shot (some of the most difficult to get) are dramatic, but melodramatic.
  • Han's "Uh-oh, what do I do now?" moment.
  • "I thought they smelled bad on the outside"


  • Tauntaun toy talk
    • Is the belly-slice Tauntaun toy OK for children? It probably would not be made today.
  • Does Han actually stuff Luke in that Tauntaun?
    • If he did, did he actually need to? How long would it take to build that shelter (and what kind of shelter was it)?
  • Referenced: The "Mythbusters" Star Wars Special. The Mythbusters tested this scene, and found that the Tauntaun body heat would have kept Luke alive.
  • Mentioned: The Jetsons
  • This scene establishes that anybody can just pick up a lightsaber and use it.
  • Callback to C-3PO messing around with the lightsaber (from the Brackett draft), mentioned yesterday.
  • Shout-out to Ben Burtt
  • Calling him Ben vs. Obi-Wan
  • Han used to think the Force was a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense. What does he think of it (and Luke's belief in it) now?
  • Luke rises quite quickly through the Jedi ranks (catching Han off-guard when he comes out of carbonite).
  • Does it count though, since there is no more Jedi Council? It would be like calling yourself a bishop when there was no longer a church.
  • Luke on the witness stand - how long have you been a Jedi? Note: this is one of the best parts of this whole week.
  • Expanded universe backstory of how Han learned the "cut open a Tauntaun" trick.
  • SWM Quotes: From time to time and Deck Officer.
  • Mentioned: Raise your right hand.

Meta Minute


  • Josh: And I'm Josh Flanagan, and I smell better on both the inside and outside. Pete: Wait, better than what? Josh: Better... than, than yesterday.
  • Josh: (referring to Tauntauns) "...they all die, so what does it matter? Alex: What does any of it matter?
  • Alex: It's bad enough we made him [Han] a Creationist, now he has to be a climate change denier too?
  • Pete: Send a P.A. out to get some gibblets.
  • Josh: (As Han's rich step-father) If you're cold, you... you can get in the dog. Pete: I can kill a dog for you if you want. Just cut him right open. Josh: You need something bigger? I got a bear around here somewhere. Hang on. Nah no, no need to turn the thermostat up.



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