Phantom Menace Minute 89: House of Farr

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March 24th, 2016


Valorum confers with several of his aides and vice chairman Mas Amedda.
Palpatine whispers something to the Queen.


Joe Dator



  • Starts with Lott Dod insisting that a commission be formed, and ends with the Queen calling for a vote of no co... (we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out how she finishes that sentence).
  • Aks Moe the Gran senator.
    • Played by a guy named Mark and a guy named Marc.
  • Other senators
    • Tessik the Quarren
    • Onaconda Farr the Rodian.


  • The Jedi witnessed the invasion.
  • Lazy naming in Star Wars.
  • We used to call him "Walrus Man", but now everybody has a unique name.
  • Even lame background characters sound cool in their Wookieepedia articles.
  • Mas Amedda's backstory.
  • Podracers as flamboyant 80's wrestlers.
  • Differences between the Gran that we've seen in the movies (Aks Moe, Mawhonic, Ree Yees).
  • Joe saw a prop Gran head in in London.
  • Referenced: Bishop, the android from Aliens.
  • "Committee" is a bad word in Star Wars.
  • Onaconda Farr is related somehow to Toryn Farr.
  • Listener Projects: Replace Chewbacca's dialog with David Lee Roth from Van Halen.

Meta Minute

  • 32:42 podcast episode length.
  • Jerome Blake's many roles:
Name Species
Horox Ryyder Anx (same species as Graxol Kelvyyn).
Mas Amedda Chagrian
Orn Free Taa Twi'lek
Lufa Danak/Mik Regrap (one, or both, it's unclear) Nemoidian
Rune Haako Nemoidian
Oppo Rancisis Thisspiasian
  • Joe teases that there is some lazy anagramming going on in tomorrow's minute.
    • Editor's note: we created the term Lucasian anagram to describe and categorize lazy naming in Star Wars.
  • Pete and Alex went Rodian for Rodian in minute 63.
  • During their coverage of Return of the Jedi Pete revealed that Beedo (Greedo's cousin) is played by actress Marolyn Turk, who also played an unnamed Hoth Base Rebel ground staffer (wearing the same vest).


  • Joe: And I'm Joe Dator, and this body is capable of action...yeah baby.
  • Joe, and then Pete: Everybody's a badass if you read the supplemental materials. Joe: I hope people only read the supplemental materials about me...
  • Pete: <whispering> I'll give you $20 if you stop talking.
  • Alex: Why are we talking about podracing again?!
  • Joe: Can we talk about podracing again, please?
  • Pete: I call for a vote of no...clothes! Woo!


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