Attack of the Clones Minute 88: Trying to Process Emotions

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Alex: "You can't have an R2-3PO..."


March 15th, 2017


ANAKIN, PADMÉ, CLIEGG, OWEN, BERU, and THREEPIO are standing around Shmi's grave.


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts with Anakin kneeling at his mother's grave and ends with R2-D2 interrupting a funeral (as is his wont).
  • New Padmé outfit (#12): Geonosis attire. New Padmé outfit every 7⅓ minutes.


  • Totally organic plug for Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition.
  • #NakedSWM.
  • Colors of threepio units.
  • Anakin has been bottling up his emotions and is finally allowing himself to feel them here. He's trying to process emotions.
    • Is this a well-acted character struggling with stunted emotions or poor acting by an actor struggling with the role?
  • Anakin and Shmi montage set to Sheryl Crow.
  • "Star Trek" characters Messrs. Spock and Data.
  • Anakin promises his dead mother that he won't fail again.
  • Anakin clutches a handful of sand.
  • Padmé is wearing a battle outfit to a funeral.
    • Every three weeks of episodes we have two new Padmé outfits.
    • Watto on "Project Runway". Referenced: "Refugee" by Tom Petty.
  • Are the graves still there by the time of Star Wars? Hopefully not because this is pretty much right where the Sandcrawler parks when Owen is buying the droids.
  • Why Owen doesn't recognize C-3PO later. Referenced: the cat.
    • If droids were cars, would we recognize one we'd previously owned?
  • Droid designations.
  • Confusion over the dates of round the clock movie screenings. Shoutouts to former guests of the show Songe and Jeff.
Tony saw this movie at a midnight showing (but ironically not TPM).
When he left the theater he felt it was better than Phantom Menace, but since then it has become by far his least favorite (theatrical) Star Wars movie. He saw it twice on the first 24 hours, but only those two times.
  • Phantom Menace draws more ire because it was first, not necessarily because it is worst.
  • TPM and AOTC toy talk.
    • Stashing toys so they wouldn't get sold before you could come back and buy them.
  • Tony gives us a soft "yes" to Pete's invitation to come back tomorrow.

Meta Minute

  • 33:15 podcast episode length.
  • Around when this episode aired, the guys sold out and recorded ads for their corporate overlords, which were dynamically inserted into the show. One of their more popular ads was for Dove Men+Care™ body wash.
  • "Dirt" is a generic term and does not have a rigorous geological definition—the closest word would be soil, which is a mix of sand, clay (both inorganic), and humus (biotic origin). Sand is a specific type of sediment with a clast size ranging that of silt and gravel (0.074–4.75 millimeters).
  • This is one of only a handful of episodes where the Wiki is mentioned on the main show.
  • This episode is also most likely the genesis of the R2-3PO shirt design now available on Teepublic.
  • The theme of this week's episodes is "write your own joke".


  • Alex: (re: Dove Men+Care™ body wash) "Taste the Rainbow".
  • Pete: (as an officiant) Dearly beloved, we're— <cuts himself off, as C-3PO> Ehh!
  • Pete: I don't know if this was a choice or... default. Alex: It's da fault of the director.
  • Alex: The STAR WARS MINUTE Wiki people are gonna love this.


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