Empire Minute 16: Super Ghost Squadron

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February 3rd, 2014


There is only one pilot, Zev, in the enclosed two-man craft. He concentrates on the scopes which ring his cockpit. He hears a low beep from one of his monitors.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • Brief glimpse of Han building the shelter.
  • The rest of the minute is just Zev flying around.
  • First appearance of Rogue Squadron.
  • First Snowspeeder in action (although they are not referred to as "Snowspeeders" in the film at any point).
    • Speeders were a difficult special effect to pull off.


  • Mentioned: The Rogue Squadron books, Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina , Wraith Squadron.
  • The actor who played Zev was the coal miner in Superman III.
  • The Rebel engineers were able to adapt their speeders to the cold overnight
    • Just in time to leave Hoth forever.
  • What is the difference between a speeder and a spaceship?
  • Snowspeeders in the Rogue Squadron video game.
  • Why isn't it Wedge that found them?
  • Sci-fi trope: Wraith Squadron is the elite version of Rogue Squadron which is the elite version of...etc.
    • Who do they call when it's too difficult for Wraith Squadron?
  • Mentioned: Pete's love of Y-wings.
  • Snowspeeder toy talk.

Meta Minute


  • Pete: I wish we all died like Zev dies.
  • Asterios: (As Zev) "This tow cable thing really works! I'm gonna do the tow cable thing too! Rogue 2 away–NO! blaster in my face!" Shot... shot by that AT-AT [he pronounces it "A-T A-T"] head. Sad.
  • Alex: (As the Rebel chief engineer) "If we recalibrate the ionic thrusters it'll provide enough warmth for the photon distributors to recapitulate the <looong pause> Phantom...Zone."
  • Asterios: (also as a Rebel engineer, upon hearing that they must evacuate) "But we just got all the Wampas in their cages! We just did that. What, you'll be deleting that scene?!"
  • Asterios: Can we restart this podcast?
  • Asterios: We found the leader of our... of our elite squadron next to a cut-off snowman arm, inside one of the horses we ride around on. Pete: I don't know what kind of party he was having. (Note: this would imply that he brought the Wampa arm with him to where Han found him)



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