Last Jedi Minute 90: Frisco Babies

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June 4th, 2021


Guest commentator Hal Lublin is here to witness DJ, Finn & Rose arriving in the middle of the high speed chase!


Hal Lublin



  • Starts with Rey's escape pod landing on Snoke's ship, and ends with "blip bloppity bloop", the other guys slipping right in.
  • This minute has a little bit of everything.


  • Other ways to do the "ticking clock" of them running out of fuel.
  • Victorian-era devices to avoid being buried alive.
  • Forcefield doors. Referenced: Pete's other show.
    • George Lucas having "Star Trek" on in the background while he was writing Star Wars.
  • Mentioned: Noise in space.
    • The quietest place in the world and the urban legend that you'll go mad if you spend too much time in there.
    • If you had to go crazy, how would you want it to go? Mentioned: Aquaman, The Life Aquatic.
  • Adam Driver's non-Star Wars work.
  • Gene Wilder in The Frisco Kid.
    • If they they wanted to do a "Frisco Kid" prequel (Frisco Babies), it would have to star Timothée Chalamet and Alden Ehrenreich.
  • Cloaking technology is rare in Star Wars. Other plot-killing sci-fi technologies. Referenced: Star Trek III.
  • The suggestion of having the Resistance and the First Order having to unite to face a common (external) enemy. Mentioned: Enemy Mine, "Darmok" (Star Trek episode).
    • We haven't really seen anything like this storyline in Star Wars yet (note: see below).
  • The Empire/First Order rarely promote non-humanoids.
  • A human child being raised by a tribe of Native Tatooiners. Mentioned: "The Mandalorian", Lone Wolf and Cub. Referenced: "Tooth and Claw" (From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back).
  • Benicio del Toro's typing.
  • "Blip bloppity bloop".
  • R2-D2 navigating stairs. Mentioned: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988). Referenced: "Fly Like an Eagle".
  • Star Wars in-universe slang and idioms, and in-universe entertainment.
    • Mentioned: "The Holiday Special" and Life Day, The Purge.
  • The "obscure cosplay bingo" game that Pete and Alex play at Celebration.
  • To Pete, Rey's arrival is like meeting someone once in real life, but then actually getting to know them online, and then being face-to-face again. Common issues with online dating.
  • We're looking forward to the throne room sequence.
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Meta Minute

  • 37:09 podcast episode length.
  • During this episode, Pete is not wearing his customary hat, and we get a rare view of Pete's hair. Alex by contrast, who is usually bare-headed, is wearing a (Chicago cubs) hat.
  • The quietest places on earth are called anechoic chambers. Check out this super cool video from Because Science where host Kyle Hill visits the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labs (which at one time held the Guinness world record for the quietest place on the planet).
  • Timothée Chalamet had been cast as Willy Wonka in the (at the time of this recording) upcoming film Wonka.
  • In the "Star Wars Rebels" season two episode The Honorable Ones, [Spoilers] Zeb and Agent Kallus are put into essentially exactly the same scenario as in Enemy Mine.
  • Alas, Hal was not back for any episode of Solo.
  • Hal is the second guest on the show to mention spotting Bruce Vilanch out in the world. The first was Matt Belknap, who brought this up in AOTC minute 54.
  • In the last moments of the video version of the podcast (before the cut to the closing theme), Hal brings out a toy porg which chirps into the microphone.


  • Pete:analyze, scrutinize, and arrive, escorted by TIEs.
  • Hal: …and I'm Hal Lublin. From your heart.[…] Pete: Wait I needed that!
  • Pete: Most coffins are "escape coffins".
  • Pete: When am I being courteous to the deceased and when am I just courting, basically, a vampire or zombie infestation?
  • Alex: Kudos to you, G. L.
  • Pete: (awkwardly) …not only is it good... movie—part...


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