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After spending over ten years as a Sci-Fi and Comic Book retailer, PTR co-hosted NerdGeekDork, a pop-culture podcast. Pete was once identified by the New York Post as NY's ‘most hardcore’ Star Wars fan. He used to be obsessed with Greedo, (hence "8-DAY-GREEDO"), and once ran a website with Eric Carney that Photoshopped Greedo into unusual places (Hall of Greedoes).

In SWM 114 Pete declares his sci-fi Betamax canon of movies while growing up to be - Star Wars, The Holiday Special (first half), The Empire Strikes Back, The Black Hole and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Pete read Cinema Studies at college. He was a Retailer until the mid 2000s, then became a digital media manager. In October 2017 he started work as a podcast producer for Atlantic Records, but decided not to rebrand as Pete the Podcast Producer. In May 2018 his contract ended, and he went back to his previous job. Currently, he's a full-time podcaster/producer and stay-at-home dad.

PTR is married to Ella Moran, and father to Daughter The Retailer (DTR), Pete The Retailer IV (R4) and Casey The Retailer (R.I.P.). Pete was the inspiration behind the name of Peet Deretalia, a character in the new canon.

Pete loves The Beatles but doesn't like chocolate ice-cream (indeed, he's not a big fan of chocolate at all (SWMWE 152)). Summer is Pete's least favorite season (SWMWE 117). Pete doesn't eat cephalopods (SWMWE 119). Pete loves long movies but hasn't watched Titanic (SWMWE 132). He loves Weird Al, but isn't a huge fan of The Saga Begins (SWMWE 136).

Pete's favorite character in Star Wars is usually Obi-Wan Kenobi (SWMWE 124).

As well as Star Wars Minute, Pete is also a host on NerdGeekDork, Alphabeatical, ABCDEVO, and ABCD:TOS.

Rank the Star Wars Movies

4, 5, 6, 1, 3, 2

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13 (one in 3D)

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